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Here is one of three others in the Free National Moverment  who has our ULTIMATE BLESSING FOR A LONG CAREER IN BAHAMIAN POLITICS. Branville McCartney along with his family worshiped with the church family of Faith United Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday.  Bishop William Thompson welcomed McCartney and his family to the church. And here is another reason why McCartney will be in the HOUSE for a long time to come. Just left of McCartney is first lady of Faith United Mrs. Thompson.


  1. Boy I een goin to jail bey! But I’m happy you got a good laugh. I was laughin as I was typin it ma sef

  2. LOLLLLLLLllll….listen you all have me screaming man. My wife ga put me out !!! You all are WRONG !!!

    Between Wisdom and Gofer….off to jail you go….LOL…. I gone man.

  3. Might has been some Haitians who just come off da boat who rob him.. You know dey ain’t got no TV in Haiti like dat.

  4. HemiBahama, Cable Bahamas is finding new ways to raise revenue. The only different between some of these large companies and the Harden Criminals is, C. Bahamas and others are doing the dirty work a smile.

    This reminds me of one of our great Collegian basketball players, who said he was robbed by and armed gunmen “Over the Hill.”
    The Collegian basketball players said all he could do was cry during and after the robbery.
    After telling a friend the episode, the friend asked, “well they took that much money from you?”
    Former Collegian star said, “NO MAN! I REALLY WASN’T CRYING BECAUSE THEY ROBBED ME YA KNOW, the problem I had was they didn’t know WHO THEY WAS ROBBBING.”

  5. I think Bran’s past should stay in the past – whatever it is. He is doing a magnificent job. I think Shame … err I mean Shane was doing a good job rounding up immigrants as well…..besides when they had locked of some LEGAL immigrants that one time.

  6. Objective thought We must also remember that Politicians are only humans and they will make mistakes from time to time. Once these people are remorseful and are doing the job that promise the public they was going to do before election, I say let give them another chance.

  7. Objective thought all politicians are all aware, that once you decide to run for public office your public and private lives will be intensely scrutinized. They are fully aware that they are targets of discussions and sometime what is revealed can be embarrassing. When you decide to make yourself a public figure, you have given away your rights to privacy. People will bring out your pass skeletons, if necessary. My mother always taught me, “never to give the world anything you can take back“. These are words that I hold dear through my life. Once people know things about you they can reveal it at any given point.

    God have given each of us an inclination to determine what is right and wrong. We should not allow our love for a political party or an individual to impair our judgment. We should always strive to do what is morally right and stand up for the TRUTH.

  8. Kim, I have heard people talk about things that Bran did in his former life but those things have nothing to do as long as he does his job and don’t bring those ways into his new job!!

    People’s background have alot to do with where they are today but unless they bring those habbits to their new job those habbits are of no concern to me….

    And to those who say that Shane did some crooked things, I have no idea, anything is possible and I aint swearing for no one!! But in my opinion, the PLP lost the election mainly because of Shane’s immigration stands!!

    I am a Christian and all I am concerned about is TRUTH!! If someone does something illegal then deal with them to the fullest extent of the law!!

    Wrong is Wrong…

  9. Folkes are we realy serious about what is happening in our country ?

    I do not know Minister Branville McCartney and he may be doing a good job but as far as I can see because we have heard off some arrests in the Straw Market and that is about the size of it since the F.N.M took office …..If we where realy serious about fixing our Immigration system we would have had an overhaul about a year ago ….but if the Minister is doing a good job then kudos to him.

    We have a lot of problems here in our country and not one government minister or offical is addresing our problems ….what about addresing our energy needs and about the health care needs for our country ….

  10. Our population is well under 500,000 man. Now i agree with Moultrie with the Haitian population but i think it not 100,000 illegal, i think it is with them having kids with Bahamians. I know for sure that alot of these business people are paying to keep there Haitians here.

  11. the problem is our population has exceeded 500,000 do we really carry out proper statistical data in this country? most bahamians do not participate

    anyone who still believes our population stands at 300,000, with 40,000 illegal immigrants needs to have their head examined

    yesterday halson moultrie told micheal pintard he believes that the haitian population alone stood at 100,000

  12. OK. In a population purported to be in the vicinity of 320,000 we have 250,000 Haitians living here? That leaves 70,000 possible Bahamians Mmmmm!

  13. now the constitution needs to be changed to stop people who land illegally, pregnant or, become pregnant to be deported before the baby is born

    thats the reason why the schools are filled. also i would wish that persons would stop quoting the silly figure of 40,000.00 immigrants

    that figure was being bandied about for the last twenty years 40,000 illegals and documented persons live on the fort hiil alone
    another 40,000 in nassau village,and another 100,000 scattered over carmiceal road and it surrounding area

    in coral harbour where i live i see a new track road to the west of bacardi

    haitians themselves laugh at that ridiulous figure thrown i daresay we have at least 250, 000 haitians living here

  14. WELL, getting back to the original post, I think Branville McCartney is doing an EXCELLENT job !! I pray he DOES NOT get side tracked and firmly feel he wont.

  15. At least he knows we are watching him closely. We have displayed our appreciation for what he is doing and we have given credit where it was due. If he decides to switch on us down the road, he knows just how we can sing songs of approval; we know how to go about voicing our disapproval as well.

  16. Like I said, I will give him the benefit of the doubt for now because heaven knows the Bahamas needs serious help in the area of Immigration. At the same time, he needs to prove himself with time as all of us should remember that every single Minister of Immigration we have ever had starts off like this. Always visible, raids everyday, traffic stops, mass deportations, etc., then nothing…. it all goes back to normal.

  17. HemiBahama Why you think I keep saying he is no angel? The man is self-serving. Anything he do, he find a way for he and is family to benefit. Everybody knows that’s how he is operate. His whole family was mix up with that Anna Nicole saga. I am not arguing about his character, he have the ability to make things happen and will get the job done. If you are concerned that he will take something out of the deal for himself, then I say don’t hire him.

  18. let me say on Bahamas Press and on behalf of all our writers, editors and sources “WE ARE NOT BIAS TOWARD TO ANY POLITICAL PARTY OR POLITICAL PERSONALITY!”

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  19. Please let us stop equating low cost housing and the poor. The poor cannot afford to purchase their own homes because they have either no means of support or such poor paying jobs that they must apply for assistance in rent. The persons who qualify for the housing we speak of must have “the wherewithall to qualify for a mortgage. However, we are supposed to be speaking to the job Mr. McCartney is doing. He appears to have the determination to get a handle on the situation. He will be truly successful only if he can “weed out” those corrupt persons that are so entrenched in the Immigration Department”. The “fear” should be less visited upon the immigrants and more on the corruption at this point. Let’s hope he “stays the course” and does not allow anyone to threaten or persuade him from doing what he knows is best for the country. He must also formulate a plan for allowing immigrants to come into the country in a leagal way. We can only grow as a country if we are in a frame of mind that allows a diversity of good foreign people to immigrate here and then embrace them as our neighbours. Keep up the good work Branville and we all will be happy to support you.

  20. BP please look into Cable Bahamas and their disconnection policies. Turning off people Cable for 30 dollars and charging them a reconnection fee of 40.

  21. Yeah i agree with you Kim but the question is did he do it in the intrest of Bahamian people or his pocket. We will find out soon.

  22. HemiBahama I was talking in turns of the amount of homes Shane provided for many poor people, I have some friends who never thought they would ever been in there own home, because of Shane Gibson they now have their own keys to turn their own doors. I will not lie and say it was build to perfection; they had to do a lot of repairs. The point is Shane did something. What have those other Minister in Housing done? All I am saying, Shane did more than the others, because of him many people have a place to call their own homes today. I never said he was an angel.

  23. Objective Thought I appreciate your honesty, I know how you feel about the PLP and for you to recognize the fine qualities and the determination of this young leader Branville McCartney who is an FNM that goes to show you can be unbiased. I respect that. We need to stop looking at the parties, but look at the individuals who are making differences. It would be good if we can pull the best from each party and put them all together, but I know that will never happen.

  24. Before ya Talk about excellent you better wait until the investigation of the Ministry of Housing is over. Read the papers Kim if he was doing such a good job at housing why they move him and put Lack of Wisdom there. Contractors was complaining about having to pay to get a contract to build a government house. Remember now if anyone getting a cut on every house they contract out would they try and build alot of them. Think about it these dudes are shady bad. The PLP build alot and man how much people are complaining about shabby construction and house falling apart.

  25. Rupert Shane was an excellent Minister of Housing, I dont think no other minister who had this portfolio performed the way Shane did, but Rupert Shane aint no angel. The Anna Nicole saga was not the only damage he did.

  26. You have to give credit, where credit is due. I support BP in endorsing Min. McCartney, because I think Min. McCartney is doing an excellent job with his portfolio. Until he is proven to doing otherwise, let’s continue to support him in his efforts. We need good people like him.

  27. Yeah Rupert I remember that, I also heard a lot of stories about before he got into politics. I would really like to see someone make a difference. I hope he now has his act together and this is not all just public relations hoopla but time will truly tell.

    I am really surprised at how BP has come out so strongly endorsing him. Maybe BP is not all knowing as he thinks.

  28. Kim there was a true story about him to cause Bahamas potcake to shut down. wouldn’t want to bring it up here cause BP may be next. haven’t you herd this story?

  29. Rupert I was waiting for you to give me another hint, but you look like you are not coming back, I am going to bed now. Catch you later.

  30. id like to see what change obama has brought about. so far its all talk. yeah right, change. BOL.

  31. Rupert I agree time will definitely tell. Right, now we can only go by what we sae. From what I could see we can compare him to Obama, because he is bringing about change in our country. Rupert everybody knows I am not good with hints; please break it down for me.

  32. No Kim, its just the comparison to Obama…. he seems to be doing a good job but time will tell. Remember potcake? hint (Dominican Republic).

  33. objective thought This is the first time in years, I actually feel like someone is actually trying to clean up the problems with immmigration. If you pass Oakes Field on Friday you can see the immigration officers working.
    I am really impressed with Min. McCartney.

  34. Objective thought that is the same thing I pray for, sometimes these people is come with good intentions and some how they is get side track.
    I hope that does not happening with Min. McCartney.

  35. Kim, I agree with you…

    I have alot of immigrant friends and they are so afraid of this minister!!

    I try to spread every bit of information that I receive concerning immigration to the immigrants that I know….

    So right now the ones that have papers and the ones who don’t are afraid!! They should never feel safe anywhere in this country to do as they please…

    If only the minister of National Security can get the police officers to do their job and make the criminals not feel safe to do the things that they are now doing!!

    I also support Bran! I hope he keeps his cool and don’t mess up so that we can get a real leader in this country one day!! But he better not say anything now because he will get destroyed like Tennyson and Dupuch!!!

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