What in the HELL Tourism doing?


When Bahamas Press assumes influence in the NEW BAHAMAS, the “FUNKY NASSAU” music will roll-out as the OFFICIAL FLAGSHIP theme song for the country’s GLOBAL TOURISM Promotion. EVERY AD, EVERY TV and Radio COMMERCIAL, and Every Internet space will have this song on it. We will gather world artists from Europe, Asia, from New York to California, across the Caribbean and from right here at home will join this new promotion. As we said before we have no pleasure seeing what has been done in this country when it comes to tourism. The ministry said it has unveiled a new ad campaign, but guess what, with all this internet and GLOBAL ONLINE SPACE, NOT A SINGLE NEW AD FROM THE MINISTRY OF TOURISM IS ONLINE. And if there are no new ads online, what makes you think one is on a TV or radio station around the world. THEY ARE WUTLESS! AND THAT TOO WILL SOON CHANGE!

How can they [tourism officials] in the ministry say on ZNS THEY HAVE A NEW PROGRAMME ROLL OUT, when there is nothing circulated online? Here is what we know though; The product is in decline, The City is rundown, the attractions (THE WATER TOWER) is closed and condemned and VIOLENCE PLAQUES THE CITY! And while this is occurring MEMBERS in THE MINISTRY OF TOURISM ARE AWARDING CONTRACT AFTER CONTRACT TO THEMSELVES AND FAMILY MEMBERS. Contracts FOR THE CONCERTS AND CONVENTIONS THEY HOST TO HONOUR THEMSELVES! But this will CHANGE, when we bring about Change in the political direction of this country.



  1. Did anyone notice tonight on the Muppet Show, uuummmm ZNS news, the Ministry of Tourism saying how they heard their new ad running?

    Bahamas Press needs not be reminded that there is a new ad out, the Ministry of Tourism said that already. We are NOT concern as to whether or not an ad is running, all we are saying is SHOW US THE MONEY? WHERE IS THE AD ONLINE.

    But as we said before, they are all over the place TALKING and TALKING, but DOING NOTHING!

    With all these people online and they MOT cannot show us an ad online?


    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  2. Let me tell you a little bit about respect and apologies… Remember January of 2007 when the then Minister of health said there was no virus in the dialysis unit at PMH? In case you forgot objective thought some 75 -80 persons who used those machines were infected with a deadly virus that blocked their arteries resulting in massive heart failures. As suppose to making an apology a political decision was made because election was 5 short months away. People died, families lost love ones. My best friend Grand mother died. Nobody demanded an apology then. And guess who was the Minister of Health then? I can’t respect a man who thinks like that.

  3. Let’s discuss issues..shall we? I listed 10 above chose and let me see how objective you really are. Sorry if I hurt your feelings by the way…LOL

  4. Omar after reading your comments, I think that you should be EXPELLED from the PLP NOW!!

    Obviously you don’t have a mother or father alive because you would know that you should not talk to seniors like that!!

    They should give you a short time to apoligize or be expelled!!

    You are very rude!! There is always a dignified way to tell someone off… You are too ghetto to be in parliament… No one in their right mind would give you that chance unless they are sure that you would LOOSE!!

  5. Omar, you gat it wrong.. Respect is earned!!

    You have to first give it in order to expect it, not the other way around!!

    Your principles are all mixedup!!

    I can’t understand how a person can sit down and write the filty language that you do… I can understand some language being used in a heated argument but not while writing….

    If you don’t change your approach, you will get nowhere in politics!!

  6. Thats fair, although in your email to Dr. Nottage the same 30 people were copied that he copied, it was the response by you to Dr. Nottage’s email where members of the media and other party outsiders were added to the distribution list by you. I think that is really the crux of this, that additional non-PLP persons were copied on the final email

  7. I don’t have the time to play politics when there are so many outstanding issues to be addressed.

  8. these are some of the issues that must be addressed immediately in HOA

    Just a few issues:

    1). Is it not time for Land Reform?
    2). Is it not time for extensive Immigration reform?
    3). Is it not time for Education Reform?
    4). Is it not time for Health Care Reform?
    5). Is it not time for us to hold the FNM accountable ensuring they keep their promises they make during their speech from the throne?
    6).Is it not time for us to demand that government suspend the selling of undeveloped Bahamian land for the next 15 years?
    7).Is it not time for us to demand that we as voting Bahamians be allowed to participate in the crafting of policies that directly affect our lives?
    8).Is it not time for us to demand community/government funded programs to assist in over the hill communities, instead of just ham and turkey?
    9).Is it not time for the emergence of new audacious leaders armed with and expanded vision of Sir Lynden’s model for this great country of ours?
    10).Is it not time to construct a new housing facility for the forgotten in our society, the elderly?
    I really do think it is time what about you?

    Check out my plp.com it’s cool

  9. Has Dr. Nottage emailed me privately I would have responded privately. He insulted me and copied some 30 persons as if he was trying to slap me in the face and put me in place. That don’t work like that with me. Not at all

  10. And my final response which appeared in last week’s paper said:

    With all due respect Sir, you are entitled to your own opinion. I am just calling it not only as I see it but also as the general voting public is seeing it. You want to be the one to tell them that they are wrong? Or should I do so on your behalf.

    While you are sitting on your ass and enjoying the high life I find myself mingling with those in the ghettos and filthy streets. I talk to them daily, I see their pains, I feel their pains. It make no sense making friends in certain areas because tomorrow that person just might be dead. You are indeed one of those politicians who tend to come around once in a while and literally walk the streets.

    With all due respect Sir, this country needs a change from the old guard like yourself. It was you who said the PLP lacked vision March/May 17th 1999. It was you who addressed Parliament with your departure speech entitled “A Country in Crisis”. It was you who seeked to destroy the PLP by leaving and forming your own failed party the CDR. So before you try to throw your weight around think first, or next time I will embarrass you publicly. I am not looking for friends Mr. Nottage…I am looking to make a possitive change in my country. I trust we share that same passion

    The opposition is being etched out in the minds of many as simply ineffective. So if you’re looking for me to kiss your ass to get along with your face sir then I think you have a different thing coming.

    I am an Archer, not an ass kisser.

    With all due respect Sir,

    Omar Archer Sr.
    Party Member

  11. We really will not benefit from the self inflicted flagellation and hyperbole!

    This is the line that pissed me off.

  12. Noa after my initial email was sent. Others replied and agreed with me privately bnut Dr. Nottage took exception and decided to insult me. He not only insulted he tried to sway the discussion in his fvaor by saying I said all PLP parliamentarians are failures when in fact I did not. I said I am disappointed in their performance thus far

    His response reads:

    Your assertions about the failure of the parliamentarians to address the potential downturn in the Bahamian economy, and its conseqences, earlier this year are demonstrably incorrect. While your disappointment with our performance may be genuine and even justified, and we shall have to try to do better, the Opposition has been dealing and warning and suggesting to the government and the country since this parliamentary session convened in May 2007, albeit unsucessfully!
    We really will not benefit from the self inflicted flagellation and hyperbole!

  13. Okay guys enough suspense here it is. This is the first email I sent out as a general email directed to only concerned party members.

    It reads:

    It’s a crying shame that the PLP opposition in the HOA seems to be a lame duck. Their too reactive and not more proactive in their approach. Dwayne made an excellent point, “The time for talk is over”. We were re effective as the opposition in 97′ -02′ when there were only a few members representing the PLP.

    Now that there are 18 I along with thousands of Bahamians are am surprised that more issues are not being address. Why didn’t the opposition address this issue from January of this year. All indications show from fourth quarter last year that things were not going to be good in 07′. Yet nobody said a word other that our Leader Perry Christie in November of last year.

    The rally in Fox Hill could have been more organized. We have a serious Public Relations gap that needs to be filled immediately. I am not pleased thus far with the performance of my colleagues in HOA. We must do more. Dwayne, I think the radios are quite effective, but we are just sending the wrong message. There seems to be alot of in fighting and political jostling by individuals who are catering to their own personal agendas. Everyone wants to be leader, everyone wants to be deputy who want to fight for equal rights and justice for the average Bahamian?

    I am very disappointed with my party’s performance thus far.

    Omar Archer Sr.
    Party Member

  14. No canesfins. I am not attacking you guy. I just wanted to set the record straight. Actuall what I will do is paste the entire conversation and let you guys be the judge. Fair enough?

  15. This Omar Archer Sr. is trying to take over the blog. Is this the same “Omar Archer” who almost got murdered?

  16. BP, all I was saying is that you should have a blanket policy for these things that makes no difference who sent the email or not. You published other emails so you may as well publish this one too so that people could get a better idea of what went on because all they are getting is Omar’s side and thats not fair. You want to be fair and balanced so that is one of the things you could do right there. Now you need to show more maturity too because its as if anytime someone challenge you you start making threats against the people who make this blog popular, us the readers. the blog is popular as entertainment but it is not perfect and you can’t force anyone to agree with you everytime because there have been times where you publish things that turned out not 100% like you said and we accept that. Everybody makes mistakes and not putting the emails in is a mistake because if nothingelse BP would be able to show who was being disrespectful or not. I have nothing against omar or BJ but Omar you wrong and being the big man that you is, you should accept it and nobody will look at you different. If anything, more people will respect you because you will be the bigger man in this.

  17. Omar I could not agree with you more. If he is a Senior Member he should have more experience when it comes to communicating and dealing with new comers. These senior people do allow their years of service to get to their heads. They should be more encouraging to the new comers and not act as if they have arrived and you are to accept the disrespectful way they choose to handle you. Respect is something that should be earned; it has nothing to do with years of service. Unfortunately, you would have more people siding with him though, because he is senior member and they feel he should be honored and they would see you as being out of control and disrespectful.

  18. Mr. Archer – what do you want to tell me? I have neither attacked you or said anything against you, all I say is the facts as I see them.

  19. We can’t get anywhere by being yes men. I am not a “YES MAN”. I respect those who respect me simple. I don’t care who you are, when you speak to Omar Archer Sr. show some respect and I will do the same in return. Simple as that. We have too many ass kissers in this country. That’s what

  20. I don’t know what people expect of me or would like me to be, I am who I am. I don’t believe in sitting in a corner like some faggot and let any one talk to me in a disrespectful manner just because he/she is senior to me. Respect is even due to an animal. So if any of you feel I acted out of order then fine that’s your opinion.

  21. If everyone is charged the same fee, it will create chaos for stall positions. High visibility is essential and there will be disagreements.

  22. Yeah Media I agree you are fair and balance. How about them papers you talked about? Do you dare expose them for the sake of country? You talkin my kinda talk nah. If you got something you need to put it out there. Or send it to my email.

  23. Objective thought do you think everybody should be charged the same fee? If I can remember correctly in the past some vendors complained about the location of their stalls in the previous straw market, they felt that the vendors who the tourists came in contact with first made more money than them, who were located in the back or on another floor. I don’t think it would not be wise to charge everybody the same fee, I hope this is not what you are suggesting.

  24. Tristan; National news????

    Media; I know that you might be serious when you call all the different people that you talk about “madeup names” but I don’t know about the rest!!

    Even though I like to read the stories, I enjoy reading people’s comments the most!!

    Media; Now I could agree that there is much freedom of expressing one’s opinions here… But every site I go to I always express my opinion…

    I just would not be stupid enough to go to the FNM’s website and expect to get the same treatment though…

    Show me your hand Media, I call…..

  25. The blog was good today.
    I respect everyone views and points were made.
    bahamaspress, keep doing a good job and continue to level the playing field. advocate for chsnge in the most patriotic way. Bahamas press is powerful tool to make a change in this Bahamas. We are able to speak our minds and share opinions and suggestions of nation building. we have suggested ideas to assist in things of National Importance etc. Therefore, I thank God for this site and I do hope that the truth will always be broadcast here as this is the only site I now rely on for national news.

  26. I make them up? Oh ya think so? You believe the story of “Christie’ Incestuous Clan” is made up? You believe the story about Hubert Ingraham’s camera clicking madam is made up?

    “You don’t know me ech?”

    Someone please tell ‘Objective Thought’ how serious this blog has turned upside down this country here? Before we have to show him some papers Christie nor Ingraham want expose

    Bahamas Press/Editor

    PS: And notice you can say what ya want and we would allow you to express your hate toward Bahamas Press, TRY DOING THAT IN THE WUTLESS ‘Toilet Paper’ TRIBUNE AND ON THE WUTLESS PLP WEBSITE!

  27. Media, when are you going to stop with the vain threats??

    From I started reading here, you have not impressed me with any of your information on both leaders… 99.9% of the time you just make up stories on those 2 gentlemen. NO facts… You don’t scare me with your idle threats!!

  28. Kim; I agree with all of what you had to say except those on the first floor paying higher rental fees…

    The idea is to get as many Bahamian made products in the market as possible and making them pay higher rents would defeat the whole purpose!!

    I think that persons on the bottom floor found selling items other than Bahamian made ones should be punished.. Three warnings and then eviction!!

    But rent has to remain cheap for those on the bottom floor…

  29. Jr. isn’t it funny that so many PLP would come on here and read BP, but refuse not read what the ‘PUSSY CHAT’ and his WUTLESS PLP WEBMASTER publishes online?

    Yes we took exception to what was sent to Bahamas Press because it proves the PLP and its VICKED WEBMASTER – if they really knew who were our writer – would do whatever they can to destroy this blog.

    And since what we saw by the VICKED WUTLESS webmaster of the PLP placed in writing to individuals on in that email, thinking it was US, we address the issue presented.

    We still believe had such an email came to us, we find NO interest in it. Now if that was against us, that would be another story.

    We know BP is effective as we will expose the PUSSY CAT. Now JR. Please don’t start us up on the PLP again, Christie would not like it. And some of his goons on here would not either…

    We simply advise you, “DON’T GO THERE” or Bahamas Press would have to OPEN the halitosis of the organization once again!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  30. Omar just doesn’t get it.. He is a renegade and any party who allows him to run will put him in an area where they don’t expect him to win..

    His best chance of winning a seat is to run as an independent!!

    The PLP will not allow him to run in Kenedy because they think that it is a safe seat..But I think that Omar would stand a better chance as an independent and if no one else who is from that area runs for the PLP or FNM!!

  31. Ain’t it funny how BP could get all indignant about Omar’s email, claiming its not news to report on but lead an upload with another email that was sent to him directly by someone in the PLP that was also internal and private. BP you should have deal with both the same way. That email is viral now and the same address that Canesfan saw is the same address attached for BP. It may be incorrect, but Canesfan is seeing the same thing i see too: editor@bahamaspress.com.

    Only you can say if you have that listing but Canes wasn’t making it up or “threatening” you. And why you getting so ajitated anyway? You should be loving this because this time, its an email fight and BP isn’t in the middle of it. Also, I saw the thread and Omar’s got some explaining to do. BJ responded to Omar but his response was nothing like how Omar came back at him and to be honest, it was like Omar was itching for a fight. Omar, listen to BP. If you want that nomination, you have to kiss up to some people who are petty petty petty and may be holding things like this over your head or you better be ready to run independent and you know Kennedy don’t vote independent or anything but PLP or FNM..If you stick around adn mend the fence you could still beat the Sheik’s boy and KG. Michael Turnquest say ‘where ya put ma’

  32. Objective thought you sound like you have a very good vision for the new straw market. The government should make those vendors pay rent. The vendors on the bottom floor are the ones that tourists will come in contact with first should be charge higher rent, than the ones on the second floor. Each vendor should be held responsible for the appearance of their stalls. If a stall given to a particular vendor is not kept presentable, they should be fined. After the third fine the government should revoke their license to do business in the market and give the stall to someone else who can appreciate it. People who are interested in promoting things Bahamians should be given first priority to receive a stall in the new market. Like you suggested, I think the third floor should be used to feature Bahamian restaurants and Bars, I also think it would be good idea to have on going live entertainment featuring the various Bahamian Musicians and maybe an area can be allocated to feature Bahamian painters and occasionally Bahamian fashion designers who are interested in show casing their latest fashion trends can have a podium where models can show of their designs. Also they can use this same podium for karaoke and other activities that the tourists can join in.

  33. That is fine, I am not accusing anyone of anything, I am just letting you know what was on the email string.

  34. Canesfins I just replied you an email privately and you can see from that OUT ONLY email is media@bahamaspress.com

    Click to the bottom of our front pages and you would click and see that for yourself.

    Canesfins we warn you, DON’T ACCUSE BAHAMAS PRESS OF THINGS PEOPLE IN THE PLP or FNM DO, if we say we did not get it, PLEASE respect us enough knowing that we would not LIE for something so simple.


  35. Kim; I think that they should build a three level straw market even if new plans have to be drawn and to see if it can be built at a cheaper price.

    I have said this many times before and I will say it again. The first level should be for persons selling 100% bahamian made products and their rates per stall should remain the same.

    On the second level would be those persons who want to sell a mixture of Bahamian made products and other items. Their stall rate should be much hire than those at the first level.

    The top floor should be reserved for restaurants, bars etc… That building should be opened 24 hours each day….

  36. Thats fair – it was sent to editor@bahamaspress.com. This address appears to have been added by Mr. Archer to the email string as it was not in the earlier part of the string. There are a few additions to the email string by Mr. Archer. I am not so sure this is a breach of PLP secrets (although it has been breached obviously in the past).

  37. Canesfins, we never received any communication from the PLP. Nor did we receive what was spilled out in the public domain. The first time we heard it was when the news carried it.

    Therefore I assure you we were not. And Bahamas Press, if we did receive such an email, that is not news, Bahamas Press has REAL NEWS to warn the people about.


  38. hardhead gal it’s all one big joke to our Prime Minister, you could see by the way how he is always laughing every time the press ask him a question. This press conference was a waste of time, the questions those Muppets from ZNS asked the Prime Minister were a disgrace, and a baby would have known the answers to those questions. Oswald Brown was another disgrace talking about gambling to suit his own personal interest, when crime is already high in the country. He wants the government to legalize gambling, like we don’t have enough problems. The next thing you will have people plotting, robbing and killing people, because they know they just win some monies. If gambling is illegal in the Bahamas how could Oswald Brown boast about his gambling practices on national TV? What I found amazing was the Prime Minister and a room full of reporters saw nothing wrong with someone admitting openly to breaking the law. You see where we are as a nation? It all depends on who is breaking the law, which is why the country is going to hell in a basket. People like Oswald Brown do not respect the government or the laws on the books.

  39. Media – I just reviewed the email distribution list and it appears that BP was copied on the email, along with a number of other media outlets. Of course this email made it into the public domain. I dont think it necessarily reflects on any security breach within the party.

  40. Joe the SNITCH in the PLP has been a SNITCH FOR YEARS!

    HE has always raced toting news on his own PARTY!

    He is in BED with the OLD WOMAN ON SHIRLEY STREET and that is strange because he is know to be in bed with the same sex.

    The Snitch issued a radio license to himself and yes the tribune manages it. NOTICE no one refuted our claim to that!

    He is a slick talker and a pretender of the HIGHEST ORDER!

    The SNITCH is Christie’s right hand, and when a fella is the PUSSY CAT’s right hand, ya just cannot do nothing with that!

    LOOK WHAT THE PLP has come to ech?


  41. Well media now maybe real press people like BP will help to expose him for what he really is!! Let him get a taste of his own medicine.

  42. Joe: Jokes..jokes…and more jokes. Who in the PLP will trust him to lead them? The only place I could see this backstabber leading the PLP is straight to destruction. He already started by running to the Tribune every time he hear something.

  43. I dont have a former seat as I have never run before. You might be confusing me for someone else, although its not that difficult to find out who I am. Either way – I think new comers have to prove themselves, work hard and should run in an opposition held seat to prove they can win. With the proper message any seat is available. However, I also believe that once they prove this and can win an opposition seat that they should be considered part of the new leadership of the party. Commitment deserves recognition.

  44. Well without revealing who you are, I know your former seat is taken already. Sooooooo, you push BP to say anymore on that. YOU know we are the fly on the wall in the Cabinet Room and the aunt in the circles of the opposition.

    Lets keep that between US OK?


  45. Well JOE, LOL that birdie might be THE JAILBIRD himself. LOL! LOL!

    You know they [toilet paper tribune] has already endorsed him for he leadership.


  46. Joe – we all know who that is – i think its amistake to announce a candidacy this early when convention is in October / November.

  47. Well Kim and Media a little birdie just told me that ‘the Snitch’ has given a story to the Tribune this weekend to say he will be running for Leader. I guess the Tribune will endorse him, but then again that might be pushing it as they hate the PLP.

  48. BUT of course Canesfins, as BIG as the US is , did you see an email by OBAMA with him cussin? Political leaders run a TIGHT SHIP! NOT lose like Christie.


  49. Media – I agree, it is a problem, however, I am sure the PM would not tolerate any email communincation within the FNM party with that amount of persons copied. He is the sole voicer there.

  50. Well Canesfins that says something SERIOUS about the PLP, you ever hear email of the FNM end up in the public? And I know of some dangerous ones. LOL!

    And f one did, you think that person would have the NERVE to sit in a meeting with HUBERT?


  51. Yeah, I forgot about that rat! The PLP needs to do something with that, he is not in the best interest of the party. If they keep him among them, they will see what happen to them in 2012.
    That email between Omar and BJ should
    have stayed within the party. The wutless toilet paper knows everything what goes down in the PLP.

  52. Media – there no fewer than 40 people copied on that email. Certainly you cant expect the contents of that email to stay private. The Tribune only had to go over to a popular Bahamas web site to see the email as it is posted, pretty close word for word, on that site.

  53. just an on looker: what you saying? You already finished all your Christmas shopping and putting all the gifts under the tree? I have not decided if I will be doing the Christmas cookies, put it does sound like a good idea. I was thinking about making some sugar cookies and cutting out the batter like stars and decorating them with powder sugar and sprinkle with the different color decorative sugar on them. I think that should be real pretty. I already have the gold and silver ribbons to decorate the boxes; all I need is the mini cake boxes if I decide to go along with this plan. Anyway, how things looking I might just be giving hugs and kisses and best wishes. I will let you know how it all works out.

  54. Omar now that you have raised it, HOW did an INTERNAL PARTY MATTER end up in the email box of the Tribune?

    Does that not sound strange? You did not send it, and I am certain BJ didn’t, but mysteriously it is read by the public in the WUTLESS ‘TOILET PAPER’ Tribune.

    Does this latest incident VALIDATE OUR POINT THAT THERE IS A SNITCH IN THE PLP? Or is your party still burying their heads in the sand over the FACT? Again we say, if this was Pindling, Ohhhhhhh someone was resigning from the PLP. BUT again, that’s what ya get when a ‘PUSSY CAT’ runs a 55 year old political organization.

    I am looking for those Stalwarts of the PLP to be packing up and headed home for good any day now, just as many in the Russian communist party did.

    Bahamas Press.

    And on the 2012 cyber bet that is a GO. Last election we waged $10,000 and was the winner! We are willing to put up $20,120 all our winning and an additional $120 to wager that the PLP will lose the 2012 elections. Name any of our already endorsed candidates to be the holder of the money 100% cash when you ready. The winner takes all.

    SO now let us know the DATE, PLACE and TIME… And we hate taking PLPs money, but if your that bold, well we will settle this score with FUNDS!


  55. That I can accept. However, because I am not being advised on meetings, it gives the impression that I am not interested in party issues. I cannot tell you the last time I recieved an email or phone call advising me of any party function. This is being done intentionally so that I can leave the party. That is so stupid and petty. Greed for power will destroy this party. We must come together with one centalrized message and common cause.

  56. I agree with you about the crowd – but to be fair, we are 3 years out and people are not in election mode. I think we had more in Fox Hill than at party headquarters, and this was a meeting of 2 constituencies. I think we have to try to build momentum with a forward message and I think that was the basis of the Fox Hill meeting.

  57. I sat in my car for about 30 minutes and watched from a distance. I was upset a bit. I remembered the last rally the party had at headquarters and even there the crowd did not even number more than 150 persons in total. That is not acceptable.

  58. As it relates to the email sent to Dr. Nottage, I would have perferred it remaining a private matter but I quickly realize that there is no privacy in politics. I would just say this though, had he emailed me privately and not copied so many people with his insults to me then I would have responded differently or simply not at all. Disrespect is no laughing matter with me at all.

  59. I have not said I am not in your corner, all I am saying is that there is a way to work inside and a way to work outside.

    You did not answer my question about the rally. You should have come over to say hi Tuesday night.

  60. I bet by January’s end you will be totally in my corner. You will endorse my policies for Kennedy and demand more from others. Wanna wage a cyber bet media? Furthermore I truly appreciate your honesty. Thanks.

  61. What I am refering too is your email dialogue with Dr Nottage and the group that was copied on it. I am not talking about you voicing new ideas.

    Who did you see speak at Fox Hill and what do you think of the new blood that is starting to come together and is being rolled out?

  62. Yes I was in Fox Hill last week. Briefly though. I didn’t really answer your question directly, so let me try again. No I don’t think it would at all. Why should it? If you have a contribution to make that differs from the norm, and you fail to present that issue for discussion, the party suffers. In the long run the people then suffers more. So it’s important to be objective while being supportive.

  63. I can’t see my out spoken nature in addressing issues that affect the lives of the common Bahamian being the reason I would be denied the nomination for Kennedy. That makes no sense to me. One thing is for certain, New year marks the official beginning of my campaign to gain the Kennedy nomination. I love Kenyatta, I hope he stays with the party, but I just don’t see him being renominated as a candidate in Kennedy for the PLP.

  64. I do not challenge the motives behind your representation, I just ask if your recent internal battles will be a road block to your nomination. There are ways to be a revolutionary while still ensuring that you have the cooperation that is needed to put yourself in the position to really make a difference.

    PS – it was nice to meet you at the rally at Gambier House, were you in Fox Hill last week?

  65. Good question Canesfins. If I am denied the nomination solely due to the fact that I openly address B.S and bow to no man. I am a product of the people in Kennedy. I live in Kennedy. I have election experience in Kennedy. I understand the constituents in Nassau Village, Soldier Rd and Kennedy. People want real representation. They want someone who won’t quit on them. They want a fighter. One who stand up for equal rights and justice all. That is what I represent. Who would not want that in a representative?

  66. Mr Archer – who are the new leaders that you identify? Also, your recent battles within the party work against you getting the nomination from the candidates committee, how do you anticipate convincing the candidates committee (seats by the Chairman and Leader) that you are the right person in Kennedy?

  67. Interesting. Quite so. As for Mr. Gibson, I really don’t this it would be wise to run him in Kennedy again. The constituents there feel betrayed, not once but twice. I am confident that Kennedy will be a GREAT battle and I am indeed up for the challenge. It’s not everyday you and I disagree Media, but I am confident that the PLP will regain the government in 2012. Whether Mr. Christie decided to stay or not is up to him and the party delegates to openly decide. The PLP has a new group of leaders and we are attracting many more each day. This will not be easy, but ask yourself, Does anything worth having comes easily? Not at all. PLP! All the way.

  68. Omar we cannot comment on the choice in Kennedy as yet. We must be honest with you on that. For us we believe the current MP Kenyetta Gibson has a future in Bahamian politics and if you were to run in Kennedy, we believe the PLP itself will plot against you.

    Now that said, as for the PLP’s readiness for 2012, Bahamas Press, and this is our official word, believe that PLP has NO chance with a Christie leadership running the 2012 race. Now some PLPs would not agree with that, but it is true. Take our advice, jump ship and if you decide to run, run as an INDEPENDENT RADICAL CANDIDATE, you should have a better chance.

    We have observed elections in Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, Russia, America, The Cayman Islands and recently in Canada. And in every case a single programme has always work, organization in message and people on the ground. And in every case the winner had an orchestrated MACHINE outside the political circles, which is more effective.

    With this experience, the PLP cannot win the next election as there are too many factors working against them.

    The PLP has NO machine. NONE WHATSOEVER!

    It has not at it helm a LEADER who has the capacity to MANAGE A CAMPAIGN, AND THAT IS A MUST IN ORDER TO WIN!


    The PLP has disconnected from its base and further it has not connected with any new BLOCK in Bahamian politics. (IE the reason why it holds only one seat in the SOUTH and Southwest, constituencies established by the Pindling administration!


    Therefore from our observations the PLP will sit out of power for the next 9 years, 2017 is a viable date for the party to be looked at and assessed again!

    MARK our words on this OMAR and others, we are observing the political machines of GREAT Britain right now. They are set for elections any day now (on or before June 2010), and the Labor Party will lose the government and the Conservative will again assume control.

    Tony Blair, former Labour Party leader returned his party to government after 18 years of THATCHER and Major Conservative RULE over Britain! Labour was locked out of power for 18 years, and many of the same things that kept them out is what KICKED the PLP was kicked out on May 2, 2007.

    Now if PLP cannot take a page from the Labour and Conservative party’s play book and CHANGE, RETOOL AND REBUILD, perhaps they should read a new book about the UBP and in that they might find how a party which once held the government for years and its men who ruled the Bahamas for ages, today are entombed forever in Bahamian Politics. Should that be the path of the PLP? With Christie we will soon know ech?

    2017 Omar and others, 2017. And guess what, That is a LONG TIME FROM NOW!

    Bahamas Press Editor

  69. Ahhh well said Kathleen, well said. Kathleen would you not say its a SHAME not ONE new promotional ad by the Ministry of Tourism can be found online? Could you believe that? A whole market is online over 2 Billion people are ONLINE around the world. North America our largest market has 73% of its population accessing the internet according on (http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm) and the Ministry of Tourism cannot display ONE current advert on its website. NOT ONE CURRENT AD is published online, and they would have the world believe it’s better in the Bahamas? THEY ARE WUTLESS aren’t they?

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  70. What the Bahamas needs is direct flights from Connecticut/Boston/New York where the big money is direct to Freeport and Nassau. Package 4 and 7 day trips where people can have a getaway. Just like Freddie Laker used to do. It was great and people from Conn. will go. You have to entice the people in those states that travel and the Bahamas is such a wonderful place and the people, water beaches are the best. Also entertainment at night in Freeport is a huge plus. Port Lucaya needs great top name entertainment.

  71. Hey Kim, I been keeping tabs on ya but have not posted in awhile. I agree with you 1000% especially about the Straw Market, we need to get back to what the Straw Market was all about, Bahamian, Bahamian, Bahamian and not all the shit they are currently selling there. If it is not made in the Bahamas, it should not be allowed to be sold there. Why should your and my taxpayer dollar be used to support persons that are supporting persons from other countries. Every dollar spent in the Strawmarket, should be a dollar that stays in this country. How is the Christmas Cookies going???? LOL

  72. I don’t know what sort of promotion the government is doing; they need to spend some monies on fixing up Bay Street. Bay Street needs a facelift desperately. Then they need to move that tent they call a straw market and make sure people who are allowed to work in the new straw market are selling things Bahamian. Isn’t anything wrong with doing promotions, but clean up the place so when the tourists come they could see something worthwhile and may wish to return in the future with others.

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