MORE gunshots in Bain Town and a Chinese woman is murdered


Scenes of a riot scene. File Photo.

Augusta Street, Bain Town — The time has now come for the Bahamas to engage the national guards [Defense Force] to hunt down the real killers creating mayhem on the streets of the capital.

Last night Bain Town community was still under gunfire as bullets pierced the night with heavy sounds of gunshots blasting through the air in the area of Augusta Street.

Around 12:30 am police received information that a male and female were driving in a silver Lancer in that vicinity, when some unknown person/s fired gunshots in their direction. The scene became bloody as it resulted in both occupants being shot multiple times about the body.  The victims were taken to hospital via EMS personnel where they are detained in serious but stable condition.

An elderly woman who had not left her home since the riot began yesterday said, “I am extremely fearing for my life. For some time now we have had this growing culture of lawlessness on this street and today, the police fears they cannot move in without being fired upon. It is clear we have developed into a garrison. Just like the ones in Jamaica where police recently in Tiverli Gardens had to use military force in order to take back the streets.”

The retired public servant renounced the violence occurring in the Bain Town community and called on the relevant authorities to move in with the national guards and restore a spirit of community back to Bain Town.

Following the double shooting on Augusta Street tour operators who frequent the community with tour guides tell us they have suspended service for the time being and have rerouted their guide to other areas of New Providence. No word from the ministry of tourism have come relevant to tours buses travelling in the community.

Meanwhile Bahamas Press is reporting murder #175 since 2009. BP has confirmed that around 7:00 am this morning a robbery went deadly outside the Montaqu Inn, Shirley Street. The incident led to the death of 37-year -old Chinese female.

Reports are the women was approached by a short heavy set male wearing a white t-shirt armed with a handgun, who robbed her of her 2006 Burgundy Honda Civic and subsequently shot her to the abdomen.

COP of Police, Ellison Greenslade.

The female was taken to hospital where she succumbed to her injuries a short time later. The hotel is alleged to be a transhipment point for human trafficking.

Earlier Sunday morning around 1am, a stabbing incident at Haynes Oval, Fort Charlotte led to the death of another male. Police responded and discovered the lifeless body of a male wearing a white t-shirt and camouflage pants with a stab wound to the chest.  The deceased along with a family member were attending a party in the area when the incident occurred. Police arrested four persons between the ages of 17 years and 33 years in connection with matter.

Bahamas Press has also confirmed the shooting of Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade’s brother last night.

We can tell you the incident occurred at a Junkanoo shack in the Carmichael road area. Reports are he was rushed to hospital where he is now recovering from his wounds. We send a special pray for the Commissioner and his family in these trying times in the life the Bahamas. The Commissioner also lost a relative in the fatal shooting in Bain Town yesterday.

Bahamas Press continues to offer our support to the COP and the law enforcement officers guarding the violent streets of the country.

However, we wonder where’s Tommy Turnquest and the nation’s ‘SCATTER BRAIN’ Head of the Crime Council, Hubert Ingraham. They both have become absolute failures when finding solutions to the growing crime problems in the Bahamas.




  1. What is the Country coming to?? Thats why i love my Eleuthera, only time crime occurs is when New Providence people come over there. Btw. Tommy didn’t fail, We as a whole country failed because we don’t train our children to respect the law and their elders. We as a country have been sparing the rod for too long, that why we have so many spoiled children. It takes more then to government to run this country, it takes each individual citizen, so stop bashing the government. Encourage them instead!

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