Selma Times Journal Beat Nassau Local Media



Kenneth Talmage Ross is now on bail for allegedly Causing Damage, Trespassing, Attempted Robbery and Causing Harm to his Bahamian employer. Selma, Alabama residents woke up Monday (Nov. 5th) morning hearing the news of Ross arrest in The Bahamas, however the Bahamian media have yet to pickup this crucial story. The fact that crime which is uncontrollably high in The Bahamas and now carried on the cover of this Alabama newspaper, but cannot find its way into the Bahamian media, tells a serious collapse of the media in The Bahamas. This story clearly shows how incompetent and dastardly blind the media – particularly the Tribune and Guardian – are when presenting news in the country. Here is the clear result of the said ‘joint operating agreement’ which has certainly worsen the state of media in The Bahamas. Thank you Selma Times Journal!