Blazing Fire Consume Store On Bimini Last Night


Bailey Town, Bimini – Residents on the island of Bimini reported that late last evening a blazing inferno had destroyed a store on the bottom street on that island. The store is believed to be owned by islander Caster Rolle, was an air-condition repairman, bellowed huge flames to the north of the island threatening some eight other homes in the same yard.

Residents bailed water from the sea and was seen using a garden hose in attempts to out the blaze, as efforts to get the island’s fire truck operational to assist in controlling the fire failed. The raging fire however was eventually brought under control as the the store was burnt to the ground. A locals on that island said thanks to the quick response of the residents, other homes in the yard were spared. “It is a good thing everyone came together so quick…we saved the other homes as the fire truck could not get working to help out with the blaze.”

“We need fire hydrants on this island, cause if something like this happens again, we might not be so lucky.” The resident concluded.