5 Days and nothing done in alleged rape at St. Johns


It has been 5 days since an alleged rape incident took place on the St. John’s College Campus. The accused were questioned on the incident, the 12 year old girl left traumatized, and no one has been arrested. Where is the CHURCH ON THIS? HMMMMMMMMM!


  1. Man, you guys seem to be all knowing!!!!
    Boy BP, these folks place much weight in what you post on this site.

    BP says it and dammit, that’s the gospel.
    Thank goodness you’re not Jim Jones, cause they will drink your kool-aid my boy.

    Oh, the impressionable minds you influence, try lead them right, ya hear!!!

  2. UPDATE:
    I have had discussions with Administrators at the school who says NO RAPE took place. Two boys and a girl were discovered in a questionable position in a secluded area on the premises. I gathered from info received from administrators that this matter is a case of ‘Promised a favor, but after being caught, story changed’ if you know what I mean. On looking students pre-sumed that a RAPE occurred based on the Police being called. As a precaution the Police was called in and the young girl was taken to hospital for evaluation/assessment.

  3. ha, ha the church, dem pastors too busy trying to get some ass for themselves oh, an some more cash for they sweethearts and kids and lavish lifestyles

  4. ZNS also quoted John Delaney last week and said the Trial of John Travolta will proceed in the Supreme Court. GO FIGURE!

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