A $16.1 million budget cut for the UB set to force unemployment at the nation’s premier tertiary institution…


GOVERNMENT CUTS ARE COMING FAST and we know, like hotel workers, some departments will make big cuts in this deep global pandemic! 

University of the Bahamas
Rodney D. Smith, Ed.D President, The College of The Bahamas
Rodney D. Smith, Ed.D President, UB

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning a huge haircut and shave is coming for the University of the Bahamas as job cuts are inevitable in the upcoming budget.

Bahamas Press can confirm huge budget cuts will force the departure of much-needed talent at the University as it moves into its phased transition.

The decision by the Minnis Government to defund tertiary education in the country will hurt the Bahamas deep into the future. And the government’s plan appears to be by design; keep them unemployed, hungry, broke and dependent. Remember BP warned yinner about this Minnis Govermnent!

Bahamas Press can confirm the Minnis-led government has demanded a budget cut of more than $16.1 million dollars from some $30 million at the institution, just days after the Minister for Education boasted of having a commitment to the youth of the nation during the 2020/21 Budget Communication. This is more than half of UB’s budget cut and shaved by the Cabinet!

It should be noted that the decision has set the University in a tailspin, struggling for its very survival, which will result in a downsizing of staff.

We can confirm from sources deep out of the rock of West Virginia that current UB President Dr. Rodney Smith, a much sought after academic in the world who transitioned UB to its present glory, is presently listed on a  final list to become the President at West Virginia State University. What a loss. This is not looking good for UB!

The move is just the beginning of a series of departures that the Minister for Education never mentioned in the Parliament. And PM Minnis was all over talking about free education at UB! And if BP knows all this is going down, then you know, the Cabinet of the Bahamas must know!

Minister of Education Hon. Jeffery Lloyd.

Smith’s early departure comes just two years short of his contract, which was to end in 2022. The same year of the departure of the Minnis Government!

We are learning the President could submit formal papers of his resignation within two weeks in the start of what will be an execise of exits at UB!

Back in 2019, UB saw higher enrollment, an increase of 25% with 1,500 new freshmen after the Minnis Government had announced its Free Tuition Grants at UB. Well, all the money is being taken back and, if you look closer at the books, UB will get far less money from the Minnis Government than in any past government before the Minnis Regime. Ahhhh, Boy….WHAT IS THIS? Minnis has turned his back now on the ‘churrin’ dem!

Meanwhile, UB has said nothing about its Grand Bahama Northern Campus which took a beating leading to near-destruction during the passage of Hurricane Dorian. The newly built sections were completely destroyed and there’s no idea when it will return to its former glory.

In fact, not one news agency has given an update on the facility in months and, well, neither did Minister Lloyd.

Let us at BP start warning public officers now as we warned persons in the tourism sector from MARCH this year….prepare for the worst and hope for the best! Some a yinner will not be allowed to return to the job anytime soon. The cuts will be swift, and deep!

We report yinner decide!