Emergency Powers and Protocols collapsed!


If you going to court with Carl Bethel – PLEAD GUILTY!!!!

Attorney General Carl Bethel.

The entire legal regime surrounding the emergency proclamation has collapsed. This is an enormous embarrassment to the Minnis-led government! But hey we at BP are not surprised. This is Carl Bethel the attorney general remember?

The orders expire 12:00 a.m. 30th June. So the morning comes without any new powers in place.

the government gave notice of a resolution to extend the current state of emergency past June 29 to July 31 but did not pass the resolution.

Under Parliamentary rules a resolution cannot be debated unless 24 hours notice is given.

The House can have that caveat waived, but did not today.

Therefore, the current state of emergency will unintentionally end at midnight.

The governor-general would have to proclaim another state of emergency and reauthorize the prime minister as the competent authority.

The prime minister would then have to re-issue the emergency orders now in place.

Bethel admitted that his office was at fault for the oversight and said he accepts full responsibility for the oversight as head of that office.

All we at BP say is this: If you going to court with Carl Bethel – PLEAD GUILTY!!!!