A major shakeup could come at the RBDF after marines have lost confidence in the top brass over hardship pay!

RBDF Commodore Raymond King

NASSAU| A new PS at the Ministry of National Security is looking deeply into the finances of the Royal Bahamas Defense Force and, from the looks of things, a senior captain could find himself in serious problems.. 

We at BP believe Commodore Raymond King seems to have lost control of his top ranking officers as another captain is involved in a deep controversy. We understand a major shakeup is coming on the RBDF but only BP will tell you why.

BP is learning a captain, who is a stranger to the truth, has refused to pay hardship pay to marines who  were on detachment. 

But while marines were not paid, the Lying Captain – for his short stay in Abaco following Dorian – made sure to pay himself as he stayed at a four star resort on the island. Readers should recall how BP exposed how marines stayed in abandoned buildings, without basic equipment and some without food, which is not military protocol.

The Lying Captain, who hails from Crooked Island, ironically, has come under another investigation for alleged theft and abuse! 

Hiding his crooked deeds behind a religious persona and known for quoting scripture, he is branded as the one of the biggest and most notorious LIARS the FORCE has ever produced. 

The lying captain was also involved in another major scandal years ago. Through his careful skills of deceit, he implicated another marine who was involved. That marine sadly died as a result of the embarrassment, and his relative, a newly appointed Justice on the bench, has vowed to get to the bottom of the scandal. All we say is this: judgement has now knocked on the door of that LYING CAPTAIN, who goes by the nickname “Oh Henry” for the sweet lies he tells.

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Commodore King’s failure to get to the bottom of this issue to pay marines their hardship pay has led to many on the RBDF losing confidence in the leadership and the Government! It ain’t looking good.

Meanwhile BP is following another story out of the RBDF where the Force has paid more than $100,000 for a marine to study law which the marine has now failed for a second time. BP ga tell yinner why!

We report yinner decide!