A police escape turns deadly on Exuma – One officer stabbed and suspect fatally shot!


Suspect ‘jook’ police officer in the face then fled on foot…

An officer is returning to the capital wounded after attack by suspect on Exuma – Criminals think they can keep attacking officers and get away with it!

George Town, Exuma — Police in Exuma are investigating the death of a 33-year-old man who was shot and killed after he escaped police custody on Sunday.

Bahamas Press can report the suspect is Wesley Pierre, a local grocer on the island.

Preliminary information indicates, that around 11:00pm, the suspect who was in custody for a criminal offence at Georgetown Exuma Police Station asked to use the washroom and while he was being escorted there, he attacked and stabbed an officer to the face.

The suspect then ran out of the station and was caught a short while later.

A struggle ensured where the suspect attempted to disarmed one of the officers and he was shot in the shoulder.

The island local doctor pronounced the suspect dead at the scene.

The injured police officer whose injury is as listed serious will be airlifted to New Providence today for further medical treatment. Police have launched an active investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident.

Criminals must know that when you are in the custody of the law, you are to understand that there is no room to take the law into your own hand! Otherwise, we expect the end result!