A second Bahamian and SAC graduate has been found dead in Italy this evening…

Blair Rashad Randy John, 28, also found dead this evening in Italy.

BP BREAKING| Italian police have now confirmed a second body has been retrieved from the Po River near the Isabella Bridge where they earlier found Bahamian diplomat student 29-year-old Alrae Ramsey Tuesday evening.

Detectives now tell us that the second missing man is also a Bahamian.  We can confirm he is a graduate of St. AUGUSTINES COLLEGE (SAC) right here in News Providence.

Police have retrieved the body of Bahamian student Blair Rashad Randy John.

The 28-year old John was  filed in a missing report along with Ramsey. The last communication from the pair, according to relatives, was last week Thursday.

John, you should know, had attended St. Mary’s University in Canada and was studying in the UK.

Bahamas Press will keep on top of this developing story and will provide more updates as they become available.

BP has dispatched agents to the area to explore why the men were really in Italy, and how their lives came to a sudden and untimely end. The Italians again? What is this?

We report yinner decide!

Bahamian Diplomat student on Government Grant Alrae Ramsey has been found dead in a river in Italy Tuesday evening…


  1. Please tell your uncle that they are wrong, I saw this comment and I spent the last days wondering if I had to answer to that or not. I knew Ramsey from the time he worked in Haiti, I’m from Port-au-Prince he taught me some more English and I can swear he was not this kind of person. He was the kind of person who was humble and respectful he took a dog from the street, take care of and give a name to the dog (chikita) and even bring the dog with him to Bahamas so please don’t come here and talk people that you don’t even know. Human traffic please!!! That’s a big lie.

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