Nassau Guardian FAKE NEWS report on C. A. Smith this morning. WHY LIE?!

By Oswald Brown
Facebook Commenatry/Former Nassau Guardian Editor

When I saw this headline supposedly published in The Nassau Guardian, I immediately thought this had to be a mistake. I know C.A. Smith, the Acting Governor General, extremely well and know that he would never, never disregard the protocol governing the position he now holds as Acting Governor General and make the comments wrongly attributed to him.

This raises the question as to WHO IS IN CHARGE OF MAKING EDITORIAL DECISIONS at the Nassau Guardian. Any Editor with a modicum of common sense would have questioned the veracity of the claims being made by the reporter who wrote this story. But when one’s major focus is on tabloid-style SENSATIONALISM, one is inclined to disregard the “warning signs” generated by egregious mistakes like this totally embarrassing faux pas by one of the country’s leading newspapers.

A simple apology or retraction is not enough in this instance. SOMEONE SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR A JOB COME MONDAY MORNING.