More Government Workers Fired From the Ministry of Tourism Yesterday


vwallace-copyNassau, BahamasThe Bahamain Mugabe Led government has once again begun its mass firings exercise here in the country. We’ve learned a group of tourism officers – in like fashion with police, teachers, customs officers and immigration officersare being sent home for having sticky fingers according to sources inside the ministry of tourism. Now it is not good to be accused of such.

Bahamas Press can confirm that whilst the officers are being charged for committing crimes within the ministry and are being FIRED, no one from the department has been turned over to the police for an investigation to commence. NOW THIS IS INCREDIBLE. And this is not the practice of a functioning democracy. If you fire me forthiefinthen prove it. Could you imagine if the Bahamas Government is doing this to its own citizens what the private sector is doing?

Every week, day, month and second someone in the Government Service is being fired for committing some crime they say, yet, the ‘Buffed Roommate’ and Kenneth Russell are still employed.

Here once again we see where The Bahamas Public Service Union is quiet again and says nothing. We see another government ministry getting away with murder by breaking international conventions and soon we will hear the Ingraham government famous line, “We have not fired anyone in the service“. Nevertheless, again, everyday in secret, another family has lost a breadwinner with their reputation ruined. This is incredible!

Bahamas Press understand the MUGABE government continues to fire government workers. However, no one is speaking up for workers in this town anymore. Hubert Ingraham and The Minister of Tourism Vincent Vanderpool Wallace should hang their heads down in shame! Is this the way you treat Bahamians, fire them and say they THIEF? Meanwhile no one calls the police to have done an investigation into the alleged crimes? The Government continues to suggests some crime was done to justify the mass firings. Something cannot be right with this!

Bahamas Press contends the STOP, CANCEL, REVIEW and FIRE POLICY of the FNM will have irrevocable damage to the future of the country one that will live with Bahamians for generations to come.

We Need Change!


  1. @Omar Archer Sr.
    lolo lolo I just want to see who my victim is as they have continually come on this site despite getting the boot from me each time.At one point you could actually feel the fear and embarassment in their words.PAPA has sent bahamasyouth to war without ammunition ,I dread the toning done on this site as Xmas approaches as I will miss mashing up bahamasyouth.Now I know how mad Belinda feels since Carl bethel is no longer around to get here boot.I also need to point out bahamasyouth to my children so they can have a face to place with the barbs I thrtow out daily.

  2. @Bahamasyouth
    Master apologetic,who sees things as red or yellow only ,shame on you.To make matters worse you constantly com plain that I praise Christie but look at you having your face in PAPAs waste.You are a coward and should hang your head in shame and disgrace.i just cant get enough of rubbing your face in the sand and invite you to the western esplanade at 3 p.m today so that I can see who you are to be taking all of this insult fron me.I am drivi8ng a white toyota and will be wearing a blue suit.I just thought it appropiate to see who the object of my constant derision is lolo lolo.

  3. @N C L Smith
    ” you see the PLP and BP encourages wrong doing…”.Stop being an apologetic as wrong is wrong and right is right.Comment on the serious allegations in respect to NIB.You partisan,can only see through one side of your face and come here with a makeup story.Look at the broad statement you are making as you are impugning that all of those affected must be PLP supporters.Wutless,wutless,wutless presentation that adds nothing to the debate.If the employees are found wanting I agree with action being taken but unfortunately you have brought politics into the picture which has now taken away from a sound debate.

  4. Don’t have much money, you say, Bahamasyouth? Well how come Neko Grant could find $56,000.00 of tax payers money, to give Waugh Const. to pave the grounds of a privately owned park in his constituency? They can find the money when they want to fix themselves and or their cronies up. I am not opposed to firing the crooks within the system but the FNM need to start with those revenue thieves in the cabinet. Mona vie and Arden Forest park and Sunset park and all the others which are too many to mention here. This Government is lame brain and their only narrow-minded concern is which FNM supporter should get which Job or contract.

  5. @N C L Smith
    NO NO NO that is not the point NCL. The fact is there have been mass firings in the public service of which the government has said is untrue. Well, it is impossible for the government to be firing public servants left, right and center suggesting that they THIEF and no public disclosure is given.

    YOU CANNOT DO THAT! And if all at the top at CUSTOMS THIEF! ANd ALL AT THE POLICE THIEF AND ALL AT IMMIGRATION THIEF AND NOW ALL FIRED AT TOURISM THIEF then it mean this is one junknaoo THIEFIN Society. NO body proving that the individuals stole anything but they THIEF!

    That ‘shoulda’ been me. I’ll have them steering down the face of a Supreme Court Judge with three Queen’s Councils leading the arguments. Every Public servant who was wrongfully terminated and accused for stealing should band together and file a motion in the Supreme Court! Contact Simpson & Marwick out of the UK TRUST US, They’ll get the job done!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  6. So if the PM is serious about the cookie jar why ia Zhivargo “Mona Vie” Laing still on the job

  7. @Bahamasyouth

    @N C L Smith Shouldn’t that report be made public for the media to see?, you can’t just accuse or fire without proof, if they are guilty then off with their heads, I’m sure there are a lot of guilty ones not being touched, (can we say CRONYISM).

  8. @N C L Smith
    I agree with you 100%…. AND IF YOU DO REMEMBER…. The Prime Minister said during the budget debate that the country DO NOT HAVE MUCH MONEY and he said that the Government wont be hiring because they struggling with funds to pay current gvt workers….. and he also said with his very aggressive tone of voice that IF ANY BODY get catch STEALING… HANDS get in the cookie jar…. he told his ministers TO FIRE EM’.

    Now That Ministers are firing incompetent and sticky fingers workers BP want to complain…….. How do you expect good service and trust worthy employers in these government offices?…. Now they should carry all them TIEFers to court and charge em one by all…..

    Then if something going wrong within the ministry BP quick to BLAME HUBERT INGRAHAM for EVERYTHING… OBVIOUSLY these people got what they deserved because they couldve easily carry them to court or carry it to the media.

  9. Bahama Press just buffles the hell out of so much of us… as the Bahamas Government struggles with tough issues in dealing with corruption. you all are spreading and spinning stories that makes absolutely no sens…

    Now Minister Wallace had a major probe into fraud allegations in the Ministry of Tourism has resulted in the dismissal of a “small number” of employees who were allegedly involved in the scheme, Tourism Minister Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace has revealed.. what do you all want.. dam if does and dam if he does not do..

    Congratulations to Minister wallace… you see the PLP and BP encourages wrong doing………

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