A working father of three and husband in the country’s 87th homicide victim…


Mario Cartwright is the country’s latest homicide victim…

Mario Cartwright is the victim in that 87th homicide incident which unfolded on First Street and Coconut Grove last evening. He was a devote husband and father of three. Police have not identified any suspects now on the run for this slaying.

Nassau – A hardworking-married father of three – two sons and a daughter – was the victim in the First Street off Coconut Grove slaying last evening.

Your Bahamas Press team, which was on the ground in the community a short time later, has now identified the victim as Mario Cartwright. He becomes the 87th homicide victim for the year.

Cartwright had walked into an establishment in the area during the robbery, which ended his life. He was shot and later succumbed of his injuries.

The incident unfolded when around 6:00pm on Wednesday two-armed male suspects entered a business establishment on First Street, Coconut Grove, held the employees at bay and robbed the store of an undetermined amount of cash.

While exiting to make good their escape coming into the store was Cartwright. The gunman opened fire hitting him as the pair fled into the dark evening.

Police say they are on the lookout for two suspects, although they have denied circulating any IDs or CCTV footage of the area. Crime is down they say. We say crime reporting is down!

Bahamas Press calls for every Bahamian to pray for the family particularly at this holiday time.

We report yinner decide!