Abacoans are tired and cannot take it no more!


Residents of Abaco protested in disgust against BEC and its MP, Hubert Ingraham today. Shouts could be heard, “Hubert Gats to GO!” as residents picketed outside the BEC head office.

Abaco residents are fed-up with the power outages.

During the debate in the House last evening Prime Minister, who has been quiet since returning from South Africa said:

What is happening with the electricity supply in Abaco is inexcusable. There are no valid reasons why the power supply in Abaco for the last several days has been off.

I am not an engineer. I am the Prime Minister of The Bahamas though.”

Then the PM in his usual tirade and bombastic nasty ways proceeded to threatens workers.  “Some people will pay for that neglect in Abaco.

“Our first priority is to get the power on. And then decisions will be made as to who was responsible for this grossly negligent act on the island of Abaco to permit engines to run out of fuel oil. Everybody knows that an engine requires oil.

And to have to hire a plane to fly oil to Abaco to put in the engines and to cause the people of Abaco to suffer as they have, is something for which somebody or some people must be responsible.

When we find out, which is not long from now, they will be dealt with.

We believe based on his behaviour over these many years every word Cheryl Grant-Bethel stated in her Affidavit to the high Court.  Ingraham has no shame. He and those in the FNM are a bunch of SHAMELESS MEN AND WOMEN!

BP understand the fault in the outage was a lack of oil being put in the generator. We are told someone in the finance department refused to cut the cheque to buy the oil. The problem stands squarely at the feet of Hubert Ingraham, who is the minister of finance. Therefore, Ingraham should proceed to FIRE HIMSELF!