Accountant charged in $1.3 million robbery set to speak at UB Leadership Summit…What is this?

PAUL Frazier charged a few weeks ago.

NASSAU| Paul Frazier was charged some three weeks ago for his alleged involvement with some $1,343,906.62 million that went missing from a shipping company on Grand Bahama.

The discovery was made following an internal audit after Frazier suddenly left the company and relocated to New Providence.

Well, guess what? The matter was never shared with the media by police and, though he was remanded and is now on bail, the accountant is scheduled as a guest speaker at a big (FNM organized) University of the Bahamas event. ALL KINDA FNMs will be speaking along with the accused.

MAN, THIS SOMETHING EH? UB does celebrate people caught up in unethical behaviour. No wonder the last accountant at COB could a pack all that money from the school into her personal BOB bank account.

What in da hell is dis?

We report yinner decide.