Adderley and others knew of the deadly baby virus as early as April of this year – Why?


Why did operators of the PHA fail to advise the Minister of a virus breakout in the baby unit?

Head of Hospital Herbert Brown must now answer some serious questions.

Nassau, Bahamas — PLP leadership saw and felt its first blow with a major attack by secret red terrorist cells operating in the PHA and we can confirm more attacks are about to come to the health minster in the Christie Government.

Sources have confirmed to Bahamas Press that documents have been leaked to the former Minister of Heath after a “contracted worker” along with a former “Contracted Worker” out of the Authority delivered details of a report to operatives in the FNM Party.

Bahamas Press can confirm former Chief Hospital Administrator with the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA), Mrs. Coralie Adderley, less than two weeks ago, delivered like a ‘jonser’ a package of communications to the Opposition confirming the incident of a virus outbreak at the Hospital.

Last week Wednesday the Killarney MP brought the matter to the Parliament. But it gets worse.

BP can report a circular in possession of Adderley and others as early as April of this year, shows knowledge of a similar outbreak at the baby unit before May 7th. No one in the PHA told the former Minister or the current Minister of the situation! While Coralie Adderley and FNM operatives in the PHA did not report the outbreak of the deadly bacterium Acinetobacter Baumanii, which occurred at the hospital from April 2012, now that the new government is in place, news of the outbreak has caught the current minister by surprise.

Bahamas Press is asking why was nothing said during the campaign? And why would hospital officials put politics before a situation threatening children?

It’s Unbelievable!

What is even more worse is this fact: In late early Feburary 2012, a PMH hospital worker came to work with full blown CHICKEN POX! That individual worked in and around the NICU & Special Care Units.

BOTH units had to be ‘washed down’ and babies relocated, segregated and released early because of the exposure. “PMH too slack! And something must be done with the bureaucratic management and slackness up there,” a mother said following the delivery of her baby in February this year.

Adderley and Ingraham hugging up at the launch of the critical care block.

We therefore put the following questions to Mr. Brown, ‘Da leaker’ of the latest outbreak Coralie Adderley, and other officials at the PHA :

On what day was the virus in the baby unit at the Hospital first discovered this year?

Why was the public not informed immediately?

Since word has it that the developments occurred prior to the May 7th election and now again one month before the current minister knew, why were ministers not informed?

Was there at any time advice to not raise the matter as an election was pending?

Was the former Prime Minister ever advised of the situation?

What were his directives at the time if yes?

Was there ever any consideration to defer announcing the development at the hospital until after the General Elections?

If yes, why?

How many babies died during the April outbreak?

What were the actions following the developments?

We report yinner decide!