Aging Bahamasair fleet creates another scare while inbound to Freeport – Plane began creating problems and had to make an emergency landing at LPIA!


No report of the incident has come from the airline or Aviation – We Wonder WHY? Someone at the Airline must deal with the public growing concerns….

A Bahamasair flight bound for Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera on Friday 20th April crash-landed at the Governor’s Harbour airport with thirty souls onboard. No one was injured when the left wheel collapsed upon landing. The airport had to be closed as a result. FILE PHOTO...

When was the last time the Dash 8 Aircrafts at Bahamasair engaged in a serious inspection exercise???? And are the fleet beings maintained???

Nassau, Bahamas — Fear, panic and pandemonium stuck onboard a Bahamasair flight into Grand Bahama last evening around 9:37pm after “mechanical failure” force the plan to turn around and abort its route.

Bahamas Press agents onboard flight 323 thought it was the end, and began thinking of the lost Malaysian Plane after a sudden engine shutdown came while the aircraft while in flight.

BP report the incident occurred some 20 minutes while it was en-route to the second city.

Passengers, we can tell you began “Freaking Out”.

“Some of the passengers got hysterical and rowdy. Some we know demanded cancellation of their trip while in mid-air and were heard begging for refund rather than calling on the Lord. One pregnant woman began taking on wacky mood swings; turning first over-the-top excited, then becoming disproportionately pissed off, deliriously happy again, and then stressed out; we thought she was ga have the baby right in the middle of all this drama,” a BP passenger reported.”

Travellers for the flight had waited for their late inbound plane for almost two hours which came out of Marsh Harbour Abaco sometime after 8pm. The flight for Freeport was to disembark the gate at 6:15 pm, however, the many multiple delays of the inbound aircraft were constantly reported over the speakers  in the terminal.

Bahamas Press is becoming concerned as Bahamasair or Ministry of Transport has yet to report this breaking incident. We are dangerously concerned with the aging fleet at the national flag carrier, which just a few weeks ago experienced another air scare!

Earlier this month it was reported how the right engine of a Bahamasair Dash 8 aircraft caught fire during an early morning flight from Nassau to Rock Sound International Airport.

You would remember during that incident the pilot was some 25 miles away from the airport when the incident occurred.

A statement from the Ministry of Transport and Aviation read: “The plane landed safely with 46 passengers and three crew members on board, and the captain was able to extinguish the fire, utilising the engine’s internal extinguishing system.

“Portable fire extinguishers and water were also utilised to cool the tyres.

“The airport manager, Mr Phillip McPhee, has informed that the passengers and crew were able to exit the aircraft safely and swiftly. The public is informed that the principal maintenance inspector, and the principal operations inspector of the Flight Standards Unit of the Civil Aviation Department have commenced an immediate investigation into this incident, to determine the circumstances which led to the fire.”

When reading into these incident one must wonder when will Bahamasair hold a press conference in front of the media and begin answering some questions?

Questions like; are the aircrafts being serviced? When was the last maintenance/service had been done on these Dash 8 aircrafts? Has Bahamasair continued its maintenance checks on the fleet? And is the airline upholding to its safety records?

One must also wonder how many of these incidents have been reported to the Aviation Department in the last month?

The silence is deafening!

So far nothing has been reported on this second scare at Bahamasair. Not even from the WUTLESS DUTTY MEDIA, who these days are on a dangerous witch-hunt!

Thankfully, in Friday’s incident the crew and passengers all made that emergency landing at LPIA safely. The passengers had changed aircraft and made a safe trip into Freeport late last evening.

We report yinner decide!