Al Jarrett has died of a massive heart attack


Al Jarrett

Al Jarrett dies at age 69

Only days after drumming support in the Progressive Liberal Party, Bahamas Press is sadden to report former Chairman of BEC and Bank Of the Bahamas Al Jarrett has died of a massive heart attack this morning.

Jarrett was just interviewed by the Christie Administration for a board appointment. Bahamas Press expresses our profound condolences to his wife on his passing. Jarrett died at his home.

He became the financial watchdog for the Bahamian economy. Jarrett told the country daily on talkshows the state of the country which had slipped into decay over the years.

He was bold, strong, fearless and resolute on his tangents to better the state of the Bahamian people.

Just this year Jarrett told morning daily readers The Bahamas will have to create eight to ten thousand jobs each year for the next three years to return to pre-recession unemployment levels.

He stayed on Christie and his team to CHANGE DA BAHAMAS.

We will miss him! The Bahamas will miss him. We are all the poorer due to his passing.

Al Jarrett dead at 69….

We report yinner decide…


  1. A champion and a Great Bahamian who truly believed in Bahamians. One whose life was committed and dedicated to the cause of making this little country the greatest in the world and one who will be missed by many. Our country is a better place today because of great minds like Al’s. I am also a better Bahamian today because of my pleasant encounters with this great Bahamian. The struggle continues my friend.

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