Aliv takes fifty cents off its $50 phone and announces it as a VALENTINE SPECIAL!


Boy, dem cheap Aliv phones don’t work – just ask the people using dem now!


Nassau, Bahamas – And, so, Aliv, which is having serious network issues these days, is coming to ya door for with a Valentine trick.

According to a new promotion, for $99 Aliv say they will give you a phone and one free for ya lover. But what’s they catch? The phone is a CHEAP PHONE! And mobile users should ask themselves is Aliv really giving away anything free?

The second mobile company, which has serious network issues these days, must think Bahamians are fools.

Just following its “late again launch”, when Aliv was all over the place, telling residents how its ‘Cheap Phones’ are just $50. This was backed up by some social media whatsapp promotion with a big gal in the chair telling everyone what a huge deal the $50 phone was.

One month later, now that da big gal mussy got fired, workers at the call centre on Grand Bahama sacked, and workers in Abaco waiting on a cheque, Aliv now comes with its cheap phones to tell us dey ga give us fifty cents off a phone for Valentines? Are yinner serious?! Two cheap phone for now FIFTY CENTS OFF its regular price? WELL WAIT!

Man, look here, if I carry one Aliv phone to my gal nah, I can be sure to get fling in the doghouse for Valentine. Dem Aliv cheap phones don’t work!

We report yinner decide!