All Bahamians should be insulted by the refusal of our elected officials to account to the public in the face of a General Election…


Water and Sewerage QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED! Did Adrian Gibson and Alexandria Mackey share a bank account together at the ROYAL BANK OF CANADA and was the Elite Maintenance Owner his Fiancée? Simple QUESTIONS!


In the last week, allegations have surfaced over the award of hundreds of thousands of dollars in contracts at the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) and the Ministry of Public Works.

WSC Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson has come under fire after it was revealed that WSC awarded a three-year $4,700 per month cleaning and maintenance contract to a company whose director has the same name as a woman Gibson identified as his fiancée.

Gibson claims he is the victim of a smear campaign.

Gibson must realize that failing to say that the woman who signed the contract was not his fiancée would naturally lead the public to believe she was.

We again invite him to deny it and answer whether he disclosed this relationship to WSC’s board and recused himself from any involvement with the award of the contract.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Works Desmond Bannister has been asked to answer questions regarding a questionable contract issued by his ministry.

Bannister said he would not dignify any questions with a response.

However, he has denied nothing.

He also claimed to know of tens of millions in contracts corruptly awarded by the PLP, though his temptation to release them is tempered by the “high ideals and principled approach” that Bahamians expect of him.

That is a completely inadequate response.

If he knows of government misfeasance, he is duty-bound to turn the information over to the police and director of public prosecutions.

For his part, the prime minister, who appointed both men, has refused to directly address the issue.

Instead, he has decided to complement Gibson and Bannister’s faux outrage and amateurish deflection.

During his remarks at the rally, he urged Bahamians not to be “distracted” by the “foolishness” the PLP “and their people” are putting out.

“They are trying to distract you from the truth of who Brave is and who they are,” he said.

This is nonsense.

Philip Brave Davis does not enter into it.

And calling his name does not mitigate the fact that Minnis campaigned on stamping out corruption and ensuring complete transparency but now refuses to address a situation that impacts not only the reputations of some in his party who are running for re-election, but his own.

Were the same accusations leveled against members of the PLP, the FNM would have made it the singular focus of its campaign.

The prime minister’s commitment to transparency is laughable.

All Bahamians should be insulted by the refusal of our elected officials to account to the public.