ALL FNM cronies failed course required to secure the job at NIB

NIB Headquarters

NASSAU| Nearly 20 Free National Movement supporters were hired in senior positions at the National Insurance Board (NIB) this week despite failing the course required to secure the job.

NIB mandates that applicants for those roles take and pass what’s called a Claims Course. None of the applicants passed the course but got the job anyway due to their political affiliation.

The move has NIB workers seeing red because none of the positions were advertised and their new colleagues were brought in at senior levels despite their obvious lack of qualifications.

The new employees started this week and sit to their desks all day twiddling their thumbs.

The new hires come despite a freeze on promotions and the delayed payment of overdue increments at NIB.

Meanwhile, BP is learning NIB’s HR Director Cyprianna Bethel’s contract is set to expire in June. She will be replaced by NIB’s Board Member T heresa Mortimer.

Cabinet Minister Kwasi Thompson secured his wife a job recently at NIB Grand Bahama as an Assistant Manager. The position was never advertised with to the staff. Imagine this, positions at NIB are being filled by outsiders while insiders acting in positions or hoping to fill vacant positions are being denied and overlooked! BOY IT TELL YA!


We report yinner decide!