Allyson Maynard-Gibson Greeted by World Leaders


Senator Allyson Maynard Gibson as President of the IWF is received in Amman, Jordan on 25th November, 2010 at the Senate by Speaker of the Senate, His Excellency Taher Al Masri (far left). Senator Gibson was accompanied by IWF Jordan President Reem Badran (3rd from left), who in the recent November 2010 elections in Jordan became the first woman in Amman to win a seat in the Lower House of Parliament through direct competition (as an Independent). Mrs. Badran is also the Head of the Investment Committee/Arab Economic Council – Arab League. Also accompanying Senator Gibson was IWF Board Member Haifa Fawzi Yousef Dia (far right) former Personal Assistant to HRH Crown Prince Hassan, educational consultant to Aga Khan Academies Unit and educational consultant to the Jordanian Parliament.

Senator Allyson Maynard Gibson as President of the IWF was received in Tel Aviv, Israel on 22nd November, 2010 at the Knesset by IWF Members Tzipi Livini, Leader of the Opposition (2nd from left) and Rachel Adatto-Levi, Opposition Spokesperson on Health (far left) and Anastasia Michaeli (far right), member of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, who, when she gave birth to her 8th child last year, became the 1st member of the Knesset to give birth while in office.


    • on sunday talk show the question what is a good man back in the sixties when I was growing up a good man is one who sets up his foundation food/shelter before he gets married and start his family a good women is one who takes care of her children and her husband

    • It is the International Women’s Federation with members all over the world From Russia, China, US, Canada. It involves women from every strata of public and private life. To have a Bahamian heading the international organization is more than an accomplishment.

      We told yinner on this blog years ago the woman is Prime Minister material.


        • Never was! She was the former Attorney General though and should be appointed LEAD INVESTIGATOR in the next Commission of Inquiry to send Hubert’s backside to JAIL for the corruption and SCANDALOUS dealing at the Arawak Cay Port Development!


          • LOL. Okay yeah i got her mixed up. She was Travoltas lawyer right. But what about the LNG scandal, something to do with her firm? Every politician in the Bahamas has some kind of scandal in their time, real or not.

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