PAPA THE SHIP IS SINKING! FNM MP will not offer in next election

Hubert Ingraham along with his FNM goons at Government House Friday past. The group could be seen eating and drinking while Rome burns and Bahamians suffer under the weight of his tax and spend government!

Nassau, Bahamas — Pressure valves are bursting in the arteries of the Free National Movement as a sitting member of the Parliament has confirmed he will not offer for reelection to the House and subsequently not run in the upcoming general elections.

The confirmation by the MP shows there are problems being experienced on the ground by candidates vying for re-election on the government’s side.

Bahamas Press can confirm our endorsed candidate in the Kennedy constituency has also felt the winds of change and is said to have fled to seek shelter in the seat of South Eleuthera.

FNM MP to not run in the next election.

Reliable sources in the veins of the Party tell BP, “Our MPs have an uphill battle ahead of them. Our polls taken earlier this year confirmed we face serious challenges in the entire south, southwest and east constituencies of New Providence alone. Therefore, word of the MP’s decision not to run comes as no surprise to us.”

In a sit down with the mystery MP, Bahamas Press was told. “I am prepared not to offer in the next election not because of the tough battle ahead, but I believe the time is now for me to take a new direction in my life and politics is not on the plan at this time. Yes, the ground is very difficult. We are faced with a high levels of unemployment and investments inflows into the country have trickled due to the global crisis.” The MP said.

When asked if he will offer in the future the MP noted, “Who knows where life takes us? Never say never ‘eh’? But at this time no. Our government has faced the most difficult time in the life of this country. However, we have held onto jobs in the public service where large countries around the world have slashed employment. And so history will be kind to us, even if we today find our decisions unpopular.”

The MP joins a list of candidates who have opted not to run in the future. Former PLP candidate for  Pinewood, Allyson Maynard-Gibson, has also made clear her intentions not to take the seat in the upcoming elections, citing the required “fire in the belly” to be an MP is not there at this time. The opposition leader in the Senate however vowed her intention to nurture new blood within the party and prepare future leaders for the battle ahead.

Obie 'Snitch' Wilchcombe said to be "the initiator" leaves the courtroom in the first Travolta Extortion trial.

The decision to not run is therefore not only felt by the FNM. Bahamas Press reported some weeks ago a threat by opposition business leader in the House, Obie Wilchcombe, to resign from the PLP.

Wilchcombe’s call to the Christie compound we are told, sent the PLP leader into shocking bouts of medicated spasms, forcing him to race to his medicine box in search for Prozac.

Wilchcombe had left for Grand Bahama that weekend hoping to begin organizing an event on the island and raise money for the PLP. It was then; we are told, when a senior PLP stalwart heard the news of Wilchcombe’s visit that the lady confronted the West End and Bimini MP ‘cussin’ him with words created only by the tongue of an angry Bain Town woman.

We are told the Stalwart was quoted as saying, “We in Grand Bahama selling everything we bless with, living on the streets and in the bush and you “The Initiator” gat the nerve to come here and ask us for money?”

We are told Wilchcombe after getting cussed out and almost ganged quickly telephoned Christie with his threatening decision.

Meanwhile, Papa is hoping that the Chinese can be his Saviour. Scores of Chinese were seen walking and surveying the JFK Drive strip yesterday. The Bahamian people have not been told that the advanced team for the road project had arrived. This is typical “Wutless’ behaviour of this FNM Administration.

We need Change Bahamas!


  1. Eagle, YOU ARE WRONG and I could not help but stop to help you with the facts.

    It was in 1987 that the FNM used that song Captain the ship is sinking, the Leader was Sir Cecil. For your information the FNM went on to carry Grand Bahama but lost that election.

  2. It is all a joke! Dass Errol Bethel the corrupt head of the Electoral process laughing his food on the floor cuz papa could buy more. Why isn’t he locked up for corrupting the democratic voice of citizens, also Haitian elections was yesterday, and there were no Bahamians on the Haitian voters register manipulating whatever change that is desired by it’s citizens. Only in the Bahamas we have a room full of criminals that were ordered by the courts to do the right thing, would be in the midst of the same judges laughing their corrupt asses off in defiance of court orders. Errol Bethel is too happy for his wrong doing, Bethel look like he already collected his christmas present so the 2012 election is bought and sold, sign and sealed . IT IS CRIMINAL WHAT THEY DO, I TELL YA!!!


    Article Written by: Mrs. Tanya Cash


    28th November, 2010

    Please allow me to express my opinion and very serious concerns in this wonderful forum.

    Bribery Of The Bahamian Judiciary

    It was indeed Bribery, when Judges of The Bahamas unlawfully accepted the Executive’s offer of salary increases, when the government both Administrations), in A.D., 2007, unlawfully passed a resolution increasing Judges’ salaries, a violation of the rule of law!

    What is Bribery?

    Bribery is defined as, an inducement, and enticement, accepting something of value, knowing it to be unlawful, and for favors to be done, for the individual(s) offering the thing of value.

    Although, the Executive, the Government of The Bahamas, unlawfully passed resolution increasing the salaries of Judges, more shockingly, Judges of our Courts unlawfully accepted the offer of salary increases, of the Executive, knowing it to be unlawful, illegal, and a violation of the rule of law, according to former Supreme Court Justice John Lyons.

    Justice John Lyons Ruled That The Bahamas Government
    Broke The Law

    In A.D., 2006, former senior Supreme Court Justice, John Lyons, during a civil hearing, in Grand Bahama, ruled that the Executive ‘Broke the Law’, by not Appointing a Commission (Independent), in 2003, and 2006, to review ‘The Remuneration of Judges’ Salaries, and Pensions Act’ , which makes the Judiciary of The Bahamas beholden (but I say, indebted) to the Executive, therefore, making the Judiciary of The Bahamas unconstitutional, not independent and not impartial.

    Portions of Justice Lyons’ Ruling Further States that:

    1) The Executive, the Government of The Bahamas, ‘Broke the Law’, in 2003, and in 2006, by neglecting or refusing to nominate a Commission Independent)to Review The Judges’ Salaries and Pensions Act, under Section 4 of The Act,which is mandatory, and was enacted to ensure the independence of the Judiciary….

    2) Cabinet has plunged the Nation, into a ‘Constitutional Crisis’.

    3) The independence of the Judiciary is protected by the constitution, but that the Judiciary has been stripped of its independence, because the executive broke the law, and that this very serious problem which can only be corrected by ‘A Constitutional Amendment’(a referendum would have to be called by the executive), and not by Legislation, nor by The Judiciary’.

    4) That it is the only way a Judge can get a salary increase. That any increase must be done in accordance with the Independent Review Procedure……

    That it cannot be fixed by further Legislation to amend The Act, and that a Court Declaration cannot be made….That the Opportunity for The Appointment of the Independent Commission must be made within the strict time Limit of Section 4, which is every three years that is in 2003, 2006, and again in 2009).

    When Justice Lyons made this shocking ruling, he adjourned the matter, shut down his Court room, while refusing to hear any other matters, and returned to Nassau until the Executive, corrected this very serious problem.

    Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham Refuses to Call A

    Despite Justice Lyons’ Ruling, which, is still law, to date, Prime Minister, Mr. Hubert Ingraham, four(4) years later, is still refusing to obey the law, by calling a Referendum, to correct this very serious problem of the Judiciary, yet stating, that he would not call a Referendum, until after the next General Elections (2012), which, to me means, whenever he sees fit.

    A Message To Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham

    Mr. Hubert Ingraham, you MUST obey the law of the land, you cannot just do whatever you wish, whenever you wish, sir! Our Country is dying, people are hurting, while being oppressed and suppressed.

    Many cannot get justice, because of the unlawful, illegal decisions, The Government of The Bahamas, and our Judges continue to make.

    It is wrong, Mr. Ingraham, for you to do whatever you wish, whenever you wish, to the detriment of our Country, and our people. It’s upon you, sir, to do what is right, by obeying and enforcing the law of the land!

    The Law, is to be obeyed by ALL, and not when we see fit, as no one, is above the law!

    You may think you do not have to account to the people, who you continue to dictate to, speak down to, and apparently have no respect for.

    But, one day, Mr. Prime Minister, you would have to account, for your actions. For The Great One, who is a God of Righteousness and Justice, does not sleep, nor does He slumber!

    Judges of The Bahamas Judiciary Completely

    Former Supreme Court Justice John Lyons also ruled that:

    It must be clearly understood that judges can only, as a matter of law, receive financial benefits (salary, pensions etc.) that have been recommended and given effect to, in strict compliance with the provisions of the act.

    Should the judges be offered (or, worse still accept) any financial benefit not awarded, calculated or approved, other than in strict accordance with the act, they would be seen as getting a financial benefit not in accordance with the law.

    Such a financial benefit would be contrary to law. The judge or judges on being offered such would be bound to reject any such offer, unless they be completely compromised. They would be breaking the law, if I could put it that way.

    Please see The Bahamas Blog International:‘Supreme Court Justice John Lyons Accused The Bahamas Government of ignoring and breaking the law’.

    What Other Unlawful Acts Are Being Made By Those In Authority?

    It makes you wonder, what other unlawful, illegal acts are being made by our Judges and by the Executive of our Country?

    This is why our Country is in the state it is in, because persons, in authority, like our Judges and those in Government, too, are violating the law, while refusing to enforce the law of the land.

    And We Wonder Why Our Country Is In The State That
    It Is In!

    Both Administrations (PLP and FNM), even our Judiciary, continue to show utter contempt for the rule of law.

    What is going on in our Country?

    It seems as if anything goes!

    Didn’t an Anglican Bishop, some years ago, who was appointed to a Committee on Crime, not state that, ‘The Bahamas has a Culture of Dishonesty and Corruption?’

    Huge Uproar as It Relates to Justice Lyons’ Ruling

    There was a huge uproar, in our Country, as it relates to Justice Lyons’ Ruling, and with many having agreed with Justice Lyons, including the present Governor General of The Bahamas (Sir Arthur Foulkes),the former President of The Bahamas Court of Appeal(Justice Dame Joan Sawyer), the present President of The Court of Appeal(Justice Anita Allen), the former President of The Bahamas Bar Association (Attorney Wayne Munroe), the former Director of Prosecutions (now Justice Bernard Turner), Attorney Damien Gomez, otherattorneys, and also Magistrate Rene Mckay, who had, for a short period, shut down her Court room, due to Justice Lyons’ ruling.

    All Is Now Quiet!

    But amazingly, as soon as the Judges/Justices unlawfully accepted their salary increases, from the Executive, ALL seemed to have gone quiet, real quiet!

    We Must Demand Accountability From Our Leaders!

    My Bahamian people, we must demand accountability from our leaders, before it is too late!

    There must be an immediate Inquiry, by an Independent Body, into the illegal, unlawful acts of both the Executive (past and present), and the Judiciary of The Bahamas.

    Local Ramifications

    Locally, we are now feeling the ramifications of the illegal acts, being made by those in authority, who continue do whatever they wish:

    i) Crime is out of control.

    ii) Criminals are on a rampage.

    iii) Our people are in great fear, because crime is out of control.

    iv) Murderers and Rapists are constantly being let out on bail, by judges, while
    repeating the very same offences, while on bail, not having to truly face the
    consequences for their wicked, evil, actions, and making a complete mockery
    of the System.

    v) There is vigilante justice in our Country, with persons, unfortunately, taking the
    law into their own hands.

    Look Out Bahamas, International Implications Are Coming!

    Look out Bahamas, you may not see it now, but international implications, are coming, because of the illegal, unlawful actions of our leaders!

    In 2006, Justice John Lyons ruled that the Judiciary of The Bahamas is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, NOT INDEPENDENT, AND NOT IMPARTIAL, yet our courts are still operating, as if, all is well.

    Please see The Bahamas Blog International: ‘Supreme Court Justice John Lyons Accused The BahamasGovernment of ignoring and breaking the law’.

    Believe me, there will be ramifications! Our leaders, very soon, would have to account for their actions!

    We can no longer allow our leaders, to continue to do as they wish! We can no longer afford to be silent! We must wake up, now, before it is too late!

    2012 Will Be Too Late!

    My brothers and sisters, we must demand accountability, from our leaders, Now! 2012 will be too late!

    Our Country, by this time, may already be taken from us, as we really don’t know what our leaders have done with our Country!

    Please see: The Bahamas, The Next Turks AND Caicos’, on Bahamas Issues and Bahamas Press.

    Wake Up Bahamas, before our Country is taken from us!

    Wake up, before it is too late!

    Our children, the next generation are dependent on us!

    Mrs. Tanya Cash (A Very Concerned Citizen, House Wife and Mother)

  4. This fool must sniff some laughing gas every morning when he rolls his rotund body out of bed. Every time I see or hear him he’s laughing at something. While we face crime, unemployment, robbery, and poverty. That is our TRUE existence. And what the French is Moncur doing with the heffer?! I had a lot of respect for you Rodney….

  5. I always liked that song by Gypsy, by the way. FNM used it in 1992 to defeat Capt. Pinding. Listening to it again reminds me why I admire Trinidad calypsonians so much and raises the question why aren’t our artists producing ingenius and clever work like this. I listen to alot of our music, and for sure some of it is quite good. But frankly, it hasn’t reached the level of musical ingenuity and creativity required to make our artists world class. Indeed, the Emmy-Award winning Bahamen gained notoriety from “Who Let The Dogs Out” — a Trinidadian song. Our artists need to stop complaining and start producing more creative work.

    • Emmys are for television, Grammys are for music. Unless “Who Let the Dogs Out” was a TV show, Baha Men won the Grammy. If our artists had more supportive audiences to play for, maybe the quality of the music would improve. For starters, Bahamians don’t buy the music legally. They copy and bootleg them so how is the artist going to afford the time to make more and better music? Anyway, thats another topic for another day. Good investigation BP and the fact that this MP came to you and spoke shows you moving up in the world. LOL.

  6. I assure you that the MP of whom you speak is not the only one on either side who will not offer for re-election. This is nothing new in politics and does not necessarily translate into disaccord within the party.

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