An Alabama dies with two others in that Sandals incident…his wife survived…


EXUMA| An Alabama man was one of three who died mysteriously at a the Sandals resort on Exuma.

Vincent Chiarella of Birmingham was found dead at the Sandals Emerald Bay resort on Great Exuma Friday, his son confirmed.

Vincent’s wife Donnis was also injured, Austin Chiarella told news teams.

The couple was celebrating their anniversary at the resort, he told ABC News, adding that he spoke to his mother on Saturday.

He told the outlet that she had woken up to find that “she couldn’t move” and that Vincent “was laying on the floor.”

“Her legs and arms was swollen and she couldn’t move and she screamed to get someone to come in the door,” Austin said.

Three Americans were found dead at the resort, and a fourth was airlifted to a hospital, officials confirmed.

“What lead up to this incident is still not known. We are not sure if its some gas or drugs. That is to be determined in the investigations to follow,” a source on the island told BP.

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