An elaborate Money Laundering crime cracked by Interpol involving casino employees at Atlantis

Casino on Paradise Island hit by Haitian and Bahamian inside thieves!

NASSAU| While masqueraders were reveling in the streets of the capital, we at BP were working and investigating a major international story involving crimes at a mega-resort in the capital.

Bahamas Press is being contacted as we write by serious sources out of INTERPOL where we can confirm a major investigation by that international crime agency has tracked down a crime committed by some casino employees of Atlantis!

We can report a major international investigation is underway and a number of bankers and casino staff have been caught in a money laundering scam, according on Norwegian online casino reporters at

Here is what we know:

1)    A dealer at Atlantis Resorts has tendered her resignation at the hotel on Paradise Island.

2)    It is being alleged that that dealer, along with others, over the past three weeks stole some $148,000 [One hundred and forty-eight thousand dollars].

3)    BP can confirm that the Atlantis property management team held a meeting this morning on the issue and major decisions are about to be announced.

4)    We also know that because of the amounts that are involved in the movement of money, Interpol, the agency that fights international crimes, is now involved in an investigation of Money Laundering here in the country.

5)    One of the suspects flew to Haiti for holiday with a known operative who was once connected to a radio personality here in the capital. That radio personality was also once very close with a contact and worked with a political action group who we also believe was involved in huge money movements during the general elections. That group also made huge wire transfer of funds between New York and Turks and Caicos Islands in payouts to persons in the Bahamas. The said female suspect [who resigned] we believe is right now hiding in Haiti as the international investigation heats up! [We invite Interpol to check out her lover].

6)    According to a preliminary investigation, we can report one Pit boss, five supervisors and some 40 dealers may be also involved in this investigation. Looks like some people are going home.

7)    It is also understood that some tellers at local banks in the country are involved and were paid to cash cheques in the elaborate Money Laundering scam.

BP will follow this breaking report and will update you as more details become available. Interestingly, this breaking story comes just hours following yesterday’s robbery at the John Bull store at Bahamar.

We report and ga let yinner decide!