Andre Rollins and his shallow advisors must think before they have him speak!


“Corruption” is something housed within the minds of those who seek corrupt practices. Why would Rollins seek to allow something deemed illegal to continue and, when the chance comes to regulate it, he screams?!

Andre Rollins - MP for Fort Charlotte

Nassau, Bahamas –– This week was another interesting week in the Parliament, where the MP for Fort Charlotte, Andre Rollins, lashed out at the Christie Administration over the Gaming Bill that was being read for the first time. His lead will soon be followed by the FNM and DNA, but that is expected.

The Christie Government has made the bold decision to bring regulation into the Gaming sector in the country. It is a process which began under the former Administration which has Finance Department meeting with Webshop operators.

The bill will now provide, through legislation, the right for Bahamians to gamble without any shackles of the law. This is good.

The move comes following a failed January 2013 Referendum. During that exercise the Christian people – who can’t stay away from Gambling Atlantis to host their prayer and praise events – ran a campaign against the poll and convinced even the gamblers to vote “NO”! What hypocrisy!

And so the Government has apologized and has decided to push forward and we at Bahamas Press support the Christie Administration through its Minister of Tourism for the bold decision.

Now I want yinner to get this good because some people in the Parliament on the Government side are now seeking to derail the process – namely the MP for Fort Charlotte, who seems to have some serious issues with himself and the PLP.

Just in June, during the budget debate in the House, Andre Rollins stood on his feet as the Gambing Board Chairman – before being fired by then-Acting PM Brave Davis – and said that the web shops were “fleecing” Bahamians and he called for them to be regulated by the government.

“One of the most lucrative components of the web shop business is electronic slot machine play, commonly known as ‘spinning’,” the Fort Charlotte MP said. “These games are programmed to permit a specified rate of winning that can vary depending on the discretion of the operator.

Without laws to govern the conduct of web shops, unregulated slot play is likely exposing Bahamian players to rates of winning well below that which is permissible under the regulations governing slot play in our regulated hotel based casinos.” That was in June.

Mr. Christie had promised the House that gaming legislation was coming and that the views of the MPs would be heard. Mr. Christie, the consensus leader that he is, listens and has always held his door open to opposing views to his plans.

One would think that as a young Bahamian who has been exposed to a “GOOD SCHOOL”, Mr. Rollins would take the high road and engage in private talks with his government letting his views become known on Gaming. But then this came.

In the Parliament last week he told reporters this: “Contrary to public belief, even though I was chairman of the Gaming Board, I was not ever a part of the process to revise this Bill,”

NO? You mean to tell us that Rollins, having the position he had, didn’t even write the government a letter that he can now share with the public? No member of his board was invited in the process, yet Rollins collects a salary from the people of the Bahamas to lead in this area? Nigga, Please!

Then came this: Rollins walked into the Parliament last week, claiming the bill gives too much power to the minister responsible for gaming, creating potential for corruption and that he now cannot support it. What a 180 degree change.

What is indeed interesting is the fact that, while Gaming Chairman, Rollins never once sought the arrest or detection or shutdown of these same illegal lawless corrupt operations!

Rollins should know The Status Quo is rampant with inefficiency, lacks government input and involvement, and does not benefit the Bahamian taxpayers because 100% of the revenue and profit goes into the pockets of the existing number houses…. So who is he speaking for? Certainly not the people of Fort Charlotte! And definitely not the PLP Government!

Is the MP for Fort Charlotte suggesting that he would rather the illegal operations continue? And that the status quo remains untouched? If yes, that would be contrary to his position in 2013 and also in June 2014.

Perhaps Mr. Rollins is suggesting in his comments last Wednesday that No Government Oversight is better than Government Oversight?

We ga say it again – We agree with The Minister of Education, Mr. Jerome Fitzgerald, when he said in Parliament recently, “If this is the thinking of the New Generation Leaders….I want nothing to do with them!”

Mr. Rollins should note intent of corruption is housed within the minds of those who seek corrupt practices so as to enrich themselves.….so how is this superior to the rule of law? Maybe Mr. Rollins can explain that?

And while he is at it, maybe Mr. Rollins could ask the persons advising him these days which segment of this new Bill is not consistent with proper government oversight?

Does Mr. Rollins have an Alternative Bill? Or, again, is Mr. Rollins satisfied with the existing status quo? These are questions members of the wutless media of the Bahamas will never ask the MP for Fort Charlotte, but we at BP now place them on the record to hear an answer. We wish some PLP MP would table them on the floor to see if the MP [Rollins] can supply a suitable response.

In our view, we believe Mr. Rollins’ approach is an exercise in premeditated grandstanding. This is no more than a self-motivated promotion to propel him to a status of higher political relevance. But get this; the people of Fort Charlotte don’t buy it one bit and nor do we.

All we at Bahamas Press says is this – WHAT EMPTINESS and shallow thought he has!


We report yinner decide!