Another Bloody Murder in Bain Town Shortly After 9AM This Morning

Photos from the scene of the 226th murder around 9AM this mroning. Photos by Rodney Moncur.

Nassau, Bahamas — The scene was gruesome, the area appeared tense. A community of persons could be seen running in all directions as gunshots rung out BAM! BAM! BAM! in the Meadow Street area of Bain Town.

Shortly after a quiet pause happened, moving away the sounds of the bullets. Then followed loud screams mix with the holler of “MURDER!” screeching from the soul of some onlooker, overcome by grief and shaken with tears. The sounds could be heard from the side of a house where a slain young lay motionless.

The victim believed to be in his early 20s was fired upon while he stood in a crowd. The violence brought once again a community to a stand still early this morning, as law officers began their investigations.

Dead at this hour is a Bain Town victim, fallen prey to a string of murders that have gripped the Bahamas.

Right now as morticians remove the body, there are loud screams, angry crowds, disgusted residents and through the eyes of a child looking on a frightening experience.

Reporting live from the scene of the 226th murder since 2009 is BP….

UPDATE: A second victim has been shot in the groin in this incident. The man was taken to hospital and is listed in stable condition. [THE CRAZY PEOPLE GAT GUN!]

Police beginning their investigations at the 226th homicide on Meadow Streets early this morning. Photos by Rodney Moncur.
The victim at the Meadow Street slaying in Bain Town.


  1. Tings aint tings no more! Being a young man in these times comes with alot of weight attached,I’ll explain. back in the day according to my grandfather the most you had to worry bout was getting into a fight and leaving with a black eye or fat lip.However,this a new day, with new temptations and motivations.And the sad thing about it is that the murderers run free, meanwhile our leaders to busy worrying about privatizing BTC,and mad because now the finally notice the road work taking to long!When are we gonna prioritize are way of thinking or get someone in power who is on the page we need to be on..

  2. When the judicial system is ineffectual, and retarded, aggrieved persons are forced to take matters into their own hands. Justice must be swift and visible. Baring this, the people become disillusioned and take matters into their own hands.

    I wonder what the ‘powers that be’ really expect to happen when they allow killers to be out on bail, eating, sexing and sleeping, while their victims are six-feet, and the victims kids are hungry.

    Welcome to the new Bahamas,sun, sand sea and murder.

    • Lincoln be quiet! Who are you to talk?! Justice must be swift?! Yeah for others but not for you. Go pay those poor people their money who you swindled before you come on the net talking foolishness!!! What about your victims children who are hungry??? You only gearing up becuz you broke and tryin to get in politics. Get outta here!

  3. As echoed by many in recent times, where there is an absence of justice people will take the law into their own hands. While I can’t say that this is such a manifestation , it is easy to imagine that if the Police/Court System appear to be inept in the delivery of justice, person’s will avenge criminal acts perpetrated upon them or their love ones. When perpetrators of violent crime are allowed to beat the system because our law enforcement agencies cannot make a strong enough case for whatever reasons, vigilantism becomes the order of the day and violent crime spiral out of control.

  4. Vigilante justice in Bain Town, Nassau Village, Montel Heights, Carmichael an all ova…fellas dealin wit fellas on their own terms. I wonder where Privy Council is on these executions

  5. when u report a murder would u mind reporting the curent murder count along with the 3 year count so that im updated with this years murder count cuz everytime i read about a murder it never says the current murder rate. thanks j

    • Well J if you know the former count simple maths can conclude the current year. Let us help you 2009 was 89, 2010 was 98. register 226 then take away 98 and then 89, what ya get?



  6. I would like to see those same politicians who came out with so much passion for or against the sale of B T C address our crime issues with the same passion.

  7. pay back is a ***** hey i hear this the same one who kill my cousin omar smith… god don’t sleep.what you do will come back at you.

  8. Well, I could hear it right now, this is a community effort, We can’t look to the police or the Minister of National Security to put a stop to crime. Then the pastors are going to come out and march up in down in the area and hold sermons. In the meantime the person who killed this young man laughing at them and thinking about when he should strike again. This is sad, but true and that’s just the way the story normally goes.

    • boy i guess these people ain’t waitin on no judge no more and the criminals now smarter than the police. so watch out people when ya mess with someone it dont look like its the police ya gatta worry about no more. so if ya love ya life stop **** with people cause it look like they ain’t playin. and for every one i messed with sorry, i ain’t ga do it no more cause i wan live.

      • what is so sad in this country the level of corruption in insurmountable. when a minister can beat his gal and nothing comes out of it, when evidence that suggest that the son of a politician order the murder of a whole person, when a white american can walk away from gun charges compounded airplane and boat theif etc, when we can release illegals from the detention center and one of them commits a felony shortly thereafter we will always be a nation of crime and you people can continue to stick your noses in the air and say “its the parents”, well you keep thinking that way and when them mother***** come for you just blame the parents.

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