Another Damsel in Distress set to marry Danny Johnson this afternoon! – WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?

Mr. and Mrs Danny Johnson.

Nassau – Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press confirms not just the Christmas bells are ringing but wedding bells too.

Today at 2pm former Minister for Youth Sports and Culture Dr. Daniel Johnson son of the late Oscar Johnson will wed a new damsel in distress.

We understand the wedding is expected to take place at the Transfiguration Baptist Church on Market Street.

A grand reception is also being planned at the former Traveller’s Rest this afternoon where Fast Eddie Dames is the moderator. BP has been invited, however, Johnson was such a wutless MP we turned the invitation down!

Johnson was married to the former Monique Pindling who took her vengeance out on the party at its recent National Convention. Sources tell us Monique’s comments at the conclave were directed sorely at her former partner.

The young bride negotiated her way into marriage after she gave birth of a young child. Well Wait!

We report yinner decide!