Another DNA Candidate RESIGNS as the Party IMPLODES before the General Elections


Branville McCartney leads the DNA into an IMPLODING DEFEAT!!!


MICAL, Bahamas-– As projected and reported by Bahamas Press another member of the Democratic National Alliance has left the Party.

We can report MICAL Candidate for the DNA, Adrian LaRoda has tendered his resignation from the organization. In a statement the candidate said, “I have withdrawn my candidacy, but I am still a member of the DNA. I prefer not to speak on the details and let the par…ty speak but I will say this, It has nothing to do with the DNA.

“I have some professional obligations that I must tend to that are preventing me from running an effective campaign. I have a very heavy job that would not allow me to put my best foot forward and I do not want to halfway. So I decided to step down and let someone who has the time to represent MICAL.”

Perhaps acklowleging his soon defeat at the polls, DNA leader, Branville McCartney carrying a bag of criminals on his ticket told a talk show host this week, He would rather cook and garden over being in politics. The conversation was spoken on a popular Gems talkshow with Lincoln Bain and Wayne Thompson. He added that if the people of Bamboo Town rejects him he would conclude that he did give them his best.

Less than 50 persons showed up at the DNA headquarters on Sunday to launch the party’s campaign for the 2012 election campaign. The few numbers were disappointing to say the least.

LaRoda is the fourth DNA member to leave or be thrown out of the 8-month old party, which has lost its steam.