Another Economic Tsumani hits the FNM on Grand Bahama…50 workers FIRED!


The poor and struggling under the weight of an OPPRESSIVE FNM GOVERNMENT!

Freeport, Grand Bahama — News coming out of Grand Bahama this afternoon confirms more Bahamians are set for the unemployment lines while the FNM government sit paralyzed like the man at the pool of Bethesda.

Shocking skyrocketing unemployment numbers out of Grand Bahama confirms the economy on that northern island is not getting any better under the WUTLESS FNM government.

While the minister of labour sits silent like a church mouse, some 50 additional workers at the Freeport Flight Services are out of work and are headed for the unemployment lines.

News of the terminations came on another hot long Friday weekend while the leadership of the country was in St. Kitts attending a CARICOM Conference.

It was said last week that some five workers at the same company were axed without a word mentioned about it in the BIAS WUTLESS MEDIA!

Word of the massive unemployment numbers now plaguing the country began to swell as BTC workers are being sent home, AID sent home 70 workers following the massive fire and some months  back Our Lucaya dismissed some 202 workers right on island now under an economic storm.

A hardcore FNM party operative told BP, “Things are getting worst under the Free National Movement Government and it is clear by the day, that the contract with us has ended with the people of the Bahamas!”

With NO SOLUTION BEFORE THE COUNTRY, Papa told Grand Bahamians over a year ago, “I have no good news for Grand Bahama.”


Tonight the re-branded/ repackaged FNM in their Green Coloured attires are set to present 10 more former FNM’s candidates, all having the governing Party’s DNA in their political bloodline.

The growing Crime and Unemployment have become the center of debates as an election looms in the Bahamas.


  1. So BP, you who claim to be reporters, where is my post correcting you of the grossly inacurate story that you have posted here? Is it because I called you out as a political hack website for all the spin put on this and some other stories, rumors and gossip posted here? Real reporters would be glad to be corrected as it gives them credibility, but I guess that is no something you want to be known for. Lets see if this gets posted, though I really doubt it.

    • Censorship – very true comments not that there is a flat “neutral” news source in the world but if the Guardian is “bias wutless media” then this stuff is nothing but a PLP rag and weak attempt to copy at what the bloggy boys did during the last elections.

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