Another eminently qualified Bahamian in North Andros victimized?

Mrs. Florence Pratt-Meyer

NASSAU| Victimization is alive and well in the Bahamas and, if you don’t believe us, just head over to Andros to the community of Nicholl’s Town and ask some people.

“Who haven’t been fired around here was denied the right to work. And for no reason! Some persons have just been ignored or abandoned – FOR NO REASON!” one person in the community told us as BP’s investigation team landed on the island this week.

But let’s get to a real example of our story. Meet Mrs. Florence Pratt-Meyer a beautiful talented Bahamian woman who was once making her contribution to the Bahamas at the Administrator’s Office in North Andros.

The eminently qualified Pratt-Meyer has a Bachelor’s degree and also served as one of the Administrators inside the BAMSI Office in North Andros.

But after the election even the innocent and qualified like Pratt-Meyer was moved. First she was moved back in the Administrator’s Office in Nicholls Town and then dumped in Post Office on Monday – without any notice or reason for the transfer.

With all the chaos at the Postal Service in Nicholls Town, there is absolutely nothing to do there. So why is all this talent being wasted? Why is this Public Servant, who has administrative skills, not being used in the right place when we all agree that serious dumbness has rocked the management of the Bahamas lately? No one knows why this administration has the deep desire to get the smart people out of the way.

Today we ga leave it there. But something must be said and the story must be told. Qualified, talented Bahamians are being thrown to the curb by this WUTLESS, NASTY, DUTTY Minnis-led OUTGOING REGIME!

Tell BP your story.

We report yinner decide!


  1. At least they didn’t fire her as an uninformed reader would’ve automatically assume just by reading your heading. Tell her just to do her job to the best of her ability and thank the Lord she is gainfully employed, unlike thousands of other Bahamians.

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