Another FNM Goon and Government Worker Arrested On Grand Bahama!


<<< Zhivargo ‘Cry Baby Sour’ Laing

Freeport, Grand Bahama – After wrapping up investigations on Long Island BP’s team has landed in the nation’s second city. We will be on Grand Bahama for one week doing a forensic investigation on Zhivargo Laing.

We can now report a known goon and crony for Zhivargo ‘Cry Baby Sour’ Laing, who testified in the Marco City Election court challenge has been arrested by police on Grand Bahama.

Fifty-five year old, Charles Edward Lowe, a resident of #91 Adventurer’s Way on July 8th was found in possession with thirteen [13] live rounds of a .9mm ammunition without being the holder of a firearm certificate, documents tell us.

Lowe, you would remember, was the FNM who told the Election Court he had no water or light while he lived in a home in Marco City. Lowe voted in the constituency during the 2007 General Elections.

BP can confirm Lowe is a contracted worker for the Urban Renewal office in Grand Bahama and is furnished with a government vehicle 24/7. [License plate # 3044 below]. Lowe’s incident was filed in the Magistrate Court on July 9th, 2010. The matter is pending.

Meanwhile against the government’s policy for persons arrested, Lowe is still on the full payroll and is still driving the government car. He is also while working for the government is gainfully employed with a private company. BP has tracked him down hanging out 90% of the time running his personal errands and hanging out at questionable places on the island.

WE CRY SHAME! Here is another story you will never see in the pages of the WUTLESS Media in The Bahamas!


The government vehicle driven by, Charles Edward Lowe, parked at the back of a gambling den on Grand Bahama. Lowe is on the payroll of the Urban Renewal Office.


  1. Firstly this case needs to be fast tracked as evidence could go missing.Carl Bethel is so busy these days trying to put out fires that he hoped this one would just go away.But what should we expect as everything that PAPA touches is now going up in smoke.10/45 is no better as he has shunned christian principles for raw power.Good job BP in supplying us with all of the goods.Red supporters speak out on these intransgressions plaguing your party.

  2. Man Charlie is run the constituency office. He is zhivago bag man…he is there with Laing when ever Laing travels. WOW!!! Charlie lied about that house. No one lives there. He drives around all day in Government vehicle. The Don of Freeport sometimes called….We need change

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