Another man died in hospital after being shot during the holidays…


Homicide climbs to eight!

Davonte is a homicide victim of the mass shooting in West End in December.

FREEPORT| The patron at a bar in West End Grand Bahama shot just days before Christmas Day has died.

BP is reporting Davonte, who was shot with three others in a brawl, which had nothing to do with those discharging their weapons, has died in hospital after his induced coma made conditions worst.

Only BP reported how Davonte, and three others persons were shot at a club called “Coffee on Bay” just hours before Christmas.

Davonte was shot in the spleen and liver. He never recovered and has now died climbing the homicide count to eight today. Police have yet to tell the public! We wonder why?

Today we pray for his soul and his family.

We report yinner decide!