Grand Bahama man Dario Pinder murdered last evening becomes the country’s 7th homicide victim…

Dario Pinder

FREEPORT| Police have not reported one word of the country’s 7th homicide incident which took place shortly after 7pm on Grand Bahama.

BP reports police rushed to the scene following calls that a male had just got shot on Weddell Avenue in the area of Dragon Plaza [What happening to $1.9million Spotshotter?]. The area of the crime is better known as the Ghetto.

Now when police arrived on the scene the victim – who we have identified as 29-year-old Dario Pinder – was clad in a gray hoodie and dark-colored short pants lying face down near the road at Dragon Plaza. He appeared to have been shot in the leg, abdomen and was still breathing.

Pinder was transported to the emergency department at the Rand Hospital to quickly be operated on, however, he died a short time later. He becomes the 7th person to be murdered for the New Year.

We report yinner decide.