Another man on Grand Bahama is country’s latest homicide victim…


This afternoon’s murder is the 4th in just over a week on that island.…

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking news right now coming out of Grand Bahama confirms we have another homicide on our hands.

Police and news teams arrived to a remote location in the Lucaya community on Grand Bahama this morning to find another man dead.

Just near the bridge, according to reports, the victim was found with a gunshot wound following a home invasion; gagged and bound and shot dead by his killers.

This latest homicide investigation opens on that island following a bloody war in the Ghetto Community of Freeport. And while police arraigned three men for the slaughters of last week, Bahamas Press can tell you another investigation is opening in Eight Mile Rock following that murder of the young 15-year-old school student; shot dead at a nightclub.

And here’s what we know: On Friday police arraigned 34-year-old, Basil Black, for the teen’s murder, but what we are now getting is that he is not the boyfriend of the schoolgirl, but was just a side boyfriend. What in the hell is dis?

Police are now holding a second man who we are told was indeed in possession of the murder weapon and one is blaming the other.

Who killed young 15-year-old, Alexis Smith, is yet to be uncovered, but BP is staying close to this story.

We report yinner decide!