Another one bites the dust



Like a burial sign left on a tomb, this was the notice left on the doors of the Do Drop Cleaners on East Street and Ross Corner. Businesses are catching hell, thanks to Hubert Ingraham.

Nassau, Bahamas: “Another one bites the dust,” was the thought as one reads the burial sign left on the door of Do Drop Cleaner on East Street and Ross Corner. Now, here is a stream pressing company that has served that community since the days when Sir Lynden Pindling lived on East Street.

Bahamas Press was visiting an old friend in the area as we began an investigation in the area over the weekend. Suddenly a knock was heard on the door of the friend’s house. It was a young lad who humbly asked, “mommy say if you can give her some salt to season some meat and some sugar to mix some lemon aid?” Our friend being that humble, kind person in the community, got up went into the kitchen and returned with a box of salt and a bag of sugar and delivered it to the lad.

Sitting in owe, we could only conclude, the poor in The Bahamas are only living to pay the high light bill and rent, imposed since Hubert Ingraham returned as prime minister of the country. The utter hardship in that community can be seen and felt, but still it has done nothing to the cold leaders who still suggest that things are good in The Bahamas.

Bahamas Press wonders what Hubert Ingraham was thinking when he placed and tightened the noose around the necks of Bahamians and burdened the people of this country with THE LARGEST TAX INCREASE IN THE HISTORY OF THE BAHAMAS this past June.

The closure of Do Drop Cleaners is another classic case that things are bad and are turning for the worse in an old community in the country, thanks to Hubert Ingraham. These days Bahamas are having difficulty taking their clothes to the laundry, buying salt and sugar these days.


The Do Drop Cleaners on Ross Corner and East Street now closed.


  1. NO I AM NOT BLINDED BY POLITICS!!! The major political parties (FNM/PLP) are full of foolishness and their ardent supporters are blinded by politics.

    Only the FNM can be blamed for the present state of the economy. Had it been the PLP or any other political organization I would have said so.

  2. “By Drama King on Sep 6, 2008

    Some of you folks on this site must be totally blinded by politics and the defense of certain politicians.


    yeah definitely not blinded by politics in dat post aye 😀

  3. After this little shop had to shut down, that just show what time it is. I need to be waiting on my little pennies. When u a little shop like this; that should be so easy to manage close down that means we are in trouble. If
    Blind Blake was alive he would be singing the same song: we in trouble, oh Lord we in deep, deep trouble!!!!!!!

  4. Some of you folks on this site must be totally blinded by politics and the defense of certain politicians.

    Blind Blake, had he been alive, would be able to tell Stevie Wonder that the BAD ECONOMIC STATE OF THIS COUNTRY DUE TO A BUNGLING FNM GOVERNMENT is what is causing businesses to close their doors.

  5. bad economy is juz an excuse for stores to raise dey prices. economy ain much worst den a few years ago, in facked many prices were higher a few years back.

  6. It don’t seems as though they were generating sufficient monies from this business, if they were why would they have this building looking so deteriorated? It is sad to see the economy is doing so bad, that this little struggling steam pressing business have to close their doors.

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