Another Parliamentarian Son Questioned in a Rape Investigation Now Underway at St. John’s College


Senator Anthony 'Tinny' Musgrove

Nassau, Bahamas — There is breaking news this morning on Bahamas Press as we report the detainment of a Parliamentarian son.

BP is reporting an alleged sexual assault committed at the St. John’s College. We’ve learned police are questioning the 15 year-old son of Senator Anthony ‘Tinny’ Musgrove.

Sources tell us the Senator’s son, along with another student, allegedly kidnapped a 12-year-old female student and took her against her will into the school’s auditorium and sexually assaulted the young girl.

We are told by sources, the young girl was completely traumatized by the incident and was taken to the hospital immediately following the alleged assault for treatment.

A parent updating BP on the incident said, “I am concerned with this incident and I’m particularly concern with the ‘quiet hush treatment’ this event has been given. Parents are still unaware of matter; it took place on campus sometime last week. As a parent I am concerned that nothing has come from the school and not a word of this have been mentioned in the press. Why the cover-up?”

Both suspects were taken in at the Central Detective Unit of the Royal Bahamas Police Force and quizzed on the matter. A formal charge has yet to be announced. We are told the office of the Attorney General shall review the matter following investigations by the police and a decision will be made as to whether the boys will be arraigned.

Hubert Ingraham and Carl Bethel

Readers should note this is the second son of a politician to have allegedly assaulted a young girl on a school campus recently. Son of former Minister of Education, Carl Bethel, allegedly sexually assaulted a 13-year old girl at the once prestigious Queen College on Village Road. School administrators quickly swept the matter under the carpet with no one formally updating the public on the matter.

However, in 2009 Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham kicked Bethel out of the Cabinet Room and appointed a new minister at the Education Department.

BP shall follow this story closely.


  1. From what i understand, the girl lied to the boys about her age. And she is a very big girl for her age. most girls tend to lie when they want something. Lets look into that closely aswell. Also, this is not the first time something like this happen, we all know if a girl get catch she doesnt want to get in trouble so she will lie.

    • Even if she lied, this is still against the LAW! We at Bahamas Press remind you we are monitoring this situation and we away the decision of the Attorney General.


  2. This not true at all the girl wanted to have this done, she just wanted attention because everyone was teasing her about he she is “bad” so she felt sad and accused these boys as rapist. Further more this is not true.

  3. this is not tru. those boys are innocent. you guys need 2 get your facts corrected. she went in with one of the boys and nothing happen.

      • Whether she wanted it or NOT! A 12 year old girl having sex in the Bahamas is an illegal ACT! It is a statuary rape office. Whether she wanted it or not the law of this land protects any child under the prescribe age of 16 from having sex. SO whether enticed or not the fact is a VIOLATION HAS BEEN COMMITTED! These statements proves how devious so many of yinner in this country are. And rather than supporting the victim, here we go again attacking the victim.

        Bahamas Press is following this case VERY closely. We have yet to hear a statement from any representative of the school. We know the matter is now before the Attorney General’s Office for review and decision. We await his verdict on how to proceed with the incident.

        Bahamas Press/Editor

  4. how worthless of you, ‘person’ and ‘larry!’ you have no empathy or sense of intelligence. if in your mind the young girl wanted to perform such an act, why was she held down/forced against her will to do so. get over yourselves. this is why the country is in the state it is in now. persons of like minds, with no sense of empathy and sympathy. actions such as this are of criminal minds and intent! do not fault the victim…she is a child…a child…and a young girl! do you not care about the mental anguish she must endure? the longterm reprecussions that can possibly exist from this horrible experience? child i tell you, if it was my child… they would be beating the crap out of me to get me of them two no good, nasty, scumbags!!! and to think that someone would try to defend their actions is absurd…trust me, i’m sure their own parents know within themselves, what troublesome and no manners their sons are. so my friends, do not condone such actions becasue their parents are unable to do so amongst themselves. Shut up, sit back, read, and learn! these boys do not respect women!, beit their mothers, sisters, aunts or cousins. there is no respect. the senator doesn’t respect his wife, his twins’ mother or his daughters existence. how can his son learn or mimic a behavior that is not evident within his own home…this is toooooo deep for discussion via bp..serious and intelligent persons only need to respond.

  5. This is a horrible situation for these young people to be involved in. The cover ups by the school are even more horrendous. My child was performing his duties as a prefect a few years back when he was attacked and viciously beaten by the children and grandchildren of a retired police officer. The officer who we reported the matter to immediately acknowldeged that he knew the family. The school, the diocese and the police never acted on this matter and it was covered up. This family was never allowed to answer for their deeds. When the school, diocese and police allow these behavious to go unpunished these children then believe that they are above the law and later commit other serious crimes.

    • Could be wrong, but this smells, like a case of sneaking behind the gym to do freshness, get catch by someone, and then to save face, the girl say she get rape.
      Once, again I could be way off course, and totally wrong, but I know young people very well, especially black upper middle class private school young people, which is what this is.

  6. I expect that those investigating will immediately blame this young lady for her past behaviour, including the clothes (uniform) she was wearing that caused the boys to act this way. They will ignore evidence that would prove guilt or lose it later, and will commence investigating her past including her pre school history to see if she was a troubled child. They will interview her parents to see what they can provide that would exonerate the boys. They will allege that she may have had a promiscuous past that led to this act. They will have operatives spread malicious lies around the internet on blogs and talk shows about her to try and sway public opinion. I say to this young lady be strong they coming after you. It is about a fraternity of corruption (political and legal including the police) and a system of family, friends and lovers that has to be overcome in this country.

    I am sorry to say, we are number one in the world for rapes thats reported, not counting those that are not. Seem as we have decided we will not allow at any expense this number one position to be taken from us. We will continue to blame the victims for the rape.

    Until we change our attitude, our country won’t experience the change that is here, not coming.

  7. My daughter attends this school and this is the first that I am hearing about this! There was a PTA last week and this was not mentioned. The school has security officers, were they patrolling? I am going to dig into this to get to the bottom of it.

  8. Like father; like son? Since they (FNMs) like to put their political brand on matters like these when a PLP personality is involved, let us remind your readers, BP, that these are the sons of two FNM politicians; not just politicians.If they were PLPs the media would have had it glearing on the front pages so lets do likewise to them for what it’s worth.It, at the very least though, shows what these children are being taught at home Both the two politicians should be ashamed of themselves.

  9. Is this the same scumbag senator with the outside kids who was taken to court by the baby mother? The
    girl was then forced to drop the case…. And we wonder why there is so much crime in this country

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