Another supporter of Wilchcombe leaves PLP!


<<< Fiery speaker and Vice Chair of the PLP, Melissa Sears, has tendered her resignation.

Nassau, Bahamas — While Perry Christie is down in Exuma campaigning like a storm today, Melissa Sears, the PLP Vice Chair has officially tendered her resignation to Party Chairman Bradley Roberts.

The bombshell came only days after Ingraham’s big bust-up with the FNM women.

Sears, we are told delivered in a four line note to Roberts dated the 20th of April, and offered no reason for resigning her elected office as Vice Chair. She was voted into office during the October 2009 PLP Super Convention.

You would remember it was at that Convention; Sears endorsed the PLP MP for West End and Bimini Obie ‘Snitch’ Wilchcombe for deputy leader of the Party. The bid failed and left Wilchcombe with renewed energy to undermine and destroy Christie’s leadership.

Earlier this month, the announcement came to BP that Picewell ‘Soca’ Forbes, another supporter of Wilchcombe, was also in talks with Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, negotiating an appointment as Chairman for URCA. BP can now confirm an announcement to that appointment is expected to come down soon.

Fallout in the FNM camp is also mounting as speculation swirls that the Party is in for a BIG FIGHT at Convention 2010. Since the Elizabeth elections and ‘Papa’s’ CUT_YOU_KNOW_WHAT BY POLITICAL NEWCOMER LEO RYAN PINDER, inside sources in the FNM tell us, Ingraham is preparing to assemble a new candidate’s list of former PLPs and independents to run for the Parliament in the next general elections.

We are told this decision by Ingraham is an attempt to completely shutdown operatives of the ‘Cecilite’ fraction within the organization. We are told by one longtime supporter of the FNM, “Ingraham’s season has past and nothing he does now will save him from being thrown under the FNM Bus come this November Convention. Every office will be challenged including the office of Party Leader.”

Meanwhile no comment on the resignation of Sears has come from within the walls of the PLP leadership.


  1. All they doin is making room for these newer and brighter minds who are now joining the PLP. Good riddence to them.

  2. If true, this is sad indeed… But are you sure about this BP????
    She is a politician so if this is true she is probably joining another party… Definitely NOT the FNM though…..

  3. whats the implications of all these so called resignations seems alot of monkey see monkey do and sourgrapes……all concerned where low on the poltical totem pole despite what they believe or are lead to believe but know this nassau operates on an unyielding sysstem a way of doing things so to speak and no amount of headline grabbing tactics will change that the present leaders will pass their repective torches when they good and ready why you may ask? ans: It is the way things are done only a paradigm shift will change the way thigs operate that will only come with the electorate remember the people drive the buss patience is a virtue. as for now these resignations are getting boring and monotonous try another trick farewell dont buck ya toe on the way out

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