Another View FINAL Part 3 Pindling/Tynes Story


Now there are some people who think they know the story of the Bahamas. And there are some who love to do whatever they can – even prey on OLD delusional members of the senior citizens community – to sell papers. Bahamas Press believes in TRUTH, NOT SPIN. And so we -being protectors of the fourth estate in this Bahamas – went out to discover the truth. Again we add that there has been much talk about this Chauncey Tynes Jr. disappearance by his father. Tynes Jr. according to his father is believed to have been murdered. Now whilst we at Bahamas Press see this story as another ghost from the past, we believe here is the story of the Bahamas’ pastime that cannot be avoided. LOG ON BELOW FOR THIS FINAL EXCLUSIVE PART 3 – “ANOTHER VIEW”.


    • Now you know we don’t have time to read toilet paper JOE, you know that! Half of those responses were written by the writer himself. Look at their WUTLESS toilet news this morning, “Pindling is Jamaican”. Well only John Marquis just discovered that ech? Well get this, Pindling is Jamaican, Eileen is Haitian and Marquis is British! BAHAMAS PRESS? We are ALL BAHAMIAN!


  1. History has a way of making you eat your words and I am sure the two of them Christie and Fred said a lot of nasty things about Sir Lynden. Why don’t they leave this alone and let that man rest in peace. Enough has been said, but I guess the two of them especially the latter will do anything for media coverage. I so sick of them!!


    Rt. Hon. Perry Christie MP is to attend and speak at a branch meeting of the Fox Hill Branch of the Progressive Liberal Party tonight, Monday 16th March, 2009 at 7.30 p.m. The meeting is to be held at the L.W. Young Junior High School on Bernard Rd. Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell will also be in attendance and will make the attached statement to the Branch, addressing recent press treatment in The Tribune of Sir Lynden Pindling. All media are invited.

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