Marquis Pindling/Tynes…How did Chauncey die? PART: 2…


Now there are some people who think they know the story of the Bahamas. And there are some who love to do whatever they can – even prey on OLD delusional members of the senior citizen community – to sell papers. Bahamas Press believes in TRUTH, NOT SPIN. And so we -being protectors of the fourth estate in this Bahamas – went out to discover the truth. Again we add that there has been much talk about this Chauncey Tynes Jr. disappearance by his father. Tynes Jr. according to his father is believed to have been murdered. Now whilst we at Bahamas Press see this story as another ghost from the past, we believe here is the story of the Bahamas’ pastime that cannot be avoided. LOG ON BELOW FOR THIS EXCLUSIVE PART 2 – “ANOTHER VIEW”.

Part 3 to follow….


  1. BP, you need to beg, pay or do whatever you can for Gorman to speak some more on what he knows.

    Me personally never really trusted Gorman Bannister but I will tell you that over the years, too many things he has spoken and written about are now being accepted as the truth. I guess you don’t have to like the messenger to appreciate the message and in this case, I doubt there is anyone more qualified than GB to speak on this issue and boy did he ever. As someone above wrote, if you were a Black Belt reader, you would know that Gorman had little regard for Sir Lynden and may even have blamed Sir Lynden for the issues he had with his Pa, so there is absolutely no reason for Gorman to prop Sir Lynden up or say something that isn’t so. Ordinarily, with us messed up Bahamians, we would find this an opportunity to pile on someone we didn’t care about but the man came on BP in his own words, using his own voice, saying his own name and recorded it so that there is no disputing who is talking and what they are saying to say that the Tribune story and Tynes Sr. are a bunch of bullsh*t. Now either Gorman is one dangerous man who don’t give a damn or he’s absolutely certain of what he is saying that he would risk being prosecuted.

    To me, that gives Gorman far more credibility than the Tribune or Tynes. TruTru is an idiot who clearly did not listen to the clips and probably didn’t start at the beginning where GB clearly states who he is. That is another sign of stupid Bahamians who because of their self hatred and willing to please the plantation bosses would rush to defend a racist pig like Marquis and his boss the closet Nigger Eillene without even hearing all of the facts. TruTru, you are dumb dumb and I say that and if you want to duke it out, bring it on. I think people know I don’t mind rowing fools now.

    BP, I think Gorman should do more recordings talking about other drug stories so that people understand why he is qualified to speak. I also think you need to encourage him to explain to these idiots like Tru Tru/dumbdumb why Hubert Ingraham should be sitting in Fox Hill Prison for Treason. Let Gorman come on BP and do a special to explain to these blind FNM airheads who CI 1622 is and why he should go to jail for spying on his own country while PM. Gorman was the one who broke that and when Bradley Roberts questioned Hubert in the House of Assembly, the biggety bastard didn’t have a damn thing to say because he knew it was true. Talk that. Please please BP, let Gorman come and give a history lesson because you know the Tribune is all about changing the history and they depend on ignorant negroes to get away with it.

  2. Gorman is amazing and at the same time believable bcos he is one who never minced words about how he felt about Sir Lynden.I find that many persons who are trying to get involved inn this debate are not well read when it comes to the history of the Bahamas.In my estimation many speak from their political perspective and are pawns in the game of Marquis who does not give a hoot about black people.He thinks we are still yard niggers who do not belong in the big house.If Marquis was a genuine journalist then where is his voice on plagarism by Min Butler -Turner?mona vie?the unfair firing in 48 hrs of Policemen?the mistreatment of the two old ladies over land by Symonnette?the rush to judgement in liquidating Clico?and many many more.Two years come and no assessment of the Minmisters in Cabinet.This Marquis is a racist and hates anyone and anything that supports the PLP.The issue of missing Bahamian pilots for the same period as the disappearance of Tynes has been raised and one would think that Marquis would investigate that and report.Now here is the smoking gun::::the present acting Commissiomner of Police was a bodyguard with the Pinbdlings for 8 yrs and especially during this period .Marquis did you speak with him.?More bombshells will come.

  3. I have one question… Why is it that FNMs and their cohorts have so much fear for LOP even after he has been dead for almost 9 years that they still see fit to attack his character even after enough evidence was not found to convict him of anything through several commission of inquiries????

    Even after his death, the FNM and their cohorts still think that he is a threat to their survival so they are trying to drag his dead body through the mud!!!

    LOP must have been more powerful than I thought!!

  4. @trutru

    Well Trutru if you listened to Part 1 you would hear this is a detailed account from Gorman Bannister. Now if you listen in its entirety you would hear what we believe is the TRUTH THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!


  5. you scold marquis for sloppy journalism and then go and publish a poor quality audio recording of some unidentified individual basically just offering his own unsubstantiated opinion on the whole affair. How is this anything other than opinion? what does it bring to the debate? why aren’t we told who this is? on what basis are we to believe that this is the “truth” whereas chauncey tynes snr’s take on the matter is “delusional”? come on!

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