Another View of Marquis' Pindling/Chauncey Tynes, Part:1


picture-51There has been much talk about this Chauncey Tynes Jr. disappearance by his father. Tynes Jr. according to his father is believed to have been murdered. Now whilst we at Bahamas Press see this story as another ghost fom the past, we believe here is the story of the Bahamas past-time that cannot be avoided. LOG ON BELOW FOR THIS EXCLUSIVE – “ANOTHER VIEW”. This will be an audio/video linked file, so please get your sound software ready for this exclusive!!!

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  1. well to all the doubters and naysayers, or anyone who thinks the article was fiction…..i learned to swim because the pilot, my dad, threw me off a cigarette boat he made runs in, in the ocean. spent weekends flyin in that same plane. and havin a ball in normans cay

  2. What about the reputable pilot,Harry Bunch,who went down in the crash in 1972.Was the wreckage found nd were the bodies found?What more do you know of him?

  3. I was born in 1978 so alot of this history(Sir Lynden Pindling/Chauncey Tynes Jr./Joe Lehder) is unknown to me. Mr. Marquis I have only known of you through my husband who is a fan of your writing(as many other Bahamians).I too feel that you are an excellent journalist but I feel that you are biased in your gift. Maybe I’m wrong (please correct me if I am) but I’ve read only a few of your articles especially the ones where you write about politicians, and these politicians are always of only one particular party. It would be more pleasing if you would disclose the wrongs of anyone or any organization that negatively impact this country despite the political background.
    Although, I stated , that I am ignorant to the aforementioned article I would like to offer a comment. I find it amazing that many persons especially wives, are coming forth since the presently popular article has been published. At the present time I am not affiliated with any political party but I think it is unfair to blame a deceased man for the choices their husbands or loved ones made. We can assume they all knew right from wrong and no one forced them to particapte in ‘such activites’. I am not passing judgement but the decisions they made were their own. And I feel certain that these families knew for the most part what their loved ones were doing and probably received the fruits of their labour with much appreciation. If we want to be honest with each other and dug deep enough we would realize that we can’t always play the role of the victim(even though it is a safe ground and an easy way out), but a time is going to come where we need to take responsibilty for our own actions. I feel that 26 years is a long time ago and my heart goes out to the families, in fact to any one who has lost a loved one whose remains were unretrievable. This is not the time for us to move backwards, rather this is the time for us to build our nation by working towards a vision for this country. We need to set standards. There are much larger issues to be dealt with in this country than a 26 year old story. Immigration, agriculture, employment, healthcare are just a few. Please Bahamians let sleeping dogs lie.

  4. Fern my dear you are so right and I welcome your input.Our country is still in the healing process from way back then and no foreigner should be allowed to get under our skins.So many families hurts have been opened again Mr /Mrs Christian council we need your prayers now.This Sunday should be set aside to pray for our nation and the hurting we are enduring right now.

  5. Media
    What about the ones who went out fishing and never came back. for example, the bush medicine lady’s son and son in law? The there was a reputable pilot Harry Bunch and a passenger and the list goes on and on. Marquis better stop he is only trying to take us back and hold these things of a generation ago over our heads. History is good, however, let it be. There are too many hurts of the past to dig up some of the old anger, frustration and deception that nearly destroyed this country. Marquis in the name of Jesus go home. We do not need you or your kind here.

  6. I hope all of you have listened to the view of the mnotorious Gorman Bannister who knows quite a lot about Joe Lehder and his doings.I had forgotten about Bannister but he puts holes in the Marquis story with some critical observations.So everyone download,listen purchase the Commission of Enquiry report 1984 then lets debate.

  7. Big Moose,what am relating are irrefutable facts.The 80,s and 70,s in the Bahamas were rough times and many Bahamian lawyers got filthy rich.It is ironic but there is a story concerning Pastor Silbert Mills who now has a TV station in Abaco,who has admitted in a newspaper article that he was a pilot and for ten years he strayed.You can put in the missing pieces but I have heard of his story.Invite your friends to this blog as things will heat up and many stories will be told.So sit down relax and get out the popcorn as the history lessons begin..

  8. This Marquis chap is insulting the intelligence of Bahamians with his one sided view.He never even bothered to check with former senior officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force who are still alive like Deputy Commissioner of Police Wilton Strachan,Asst Comms Paul Thompson,Basil Dean and Kirk Hutchinson who all played vital roles in the disruption of the Drug trade at Normans Cay.Former Comm BK Bonamy was in the intelligence community and could tell him what he knows plus he worked at the 1984 Commission of Enquiry.I repeat what I have been told by a source close to the scene,Bahamian pilots were mysteriously missing.BP I will give you a hint:check with Roderick Coakley the former army man who lives in Chippingham,his son caught a ride on a plane out of Bimini and has never been heard or seen since.No plane wreckage (b)the Scavella pilot out of Crooked Island who was a witness in a Drug case went missing with four others on a flight from Nassau to Crooked Island /Acklins.L:ets put politics aside and deal with the missing pilots issue.

  9. Well monkey foot! BP, these people think Bahamians won’t read or do research on these things. I wonder if I could take a couple days off to go to the archives to leaf through the Tribune from 1979. I wonder what I would find?

  10. BP, just changing the suject a bit, could check out the rumor that a former Cabinet Minister, in fact one of your least favourite in the Christie Admin, has left numerous unpaid bills charged to his then Ministry for car rentals on a Family Island, plane charters and in one instance a bahamasair jet to bring people to a rally. This fella always trying to play like a saint, but I hear the ‘you know what’ is going to hit the fan soon!!

  11. I welcome your view BP and hope that it includes the many stories about Bahamian pilots who just vanished around that time.It was the height of the Drug trade and some suspected that the American intelligence in a bid to stem the trade shot suspected planes down.A debate on these missing pilots is needed not political discussion.

  12. It was the spring of 1979 when The Tribune,yes The Tribune where you mr. Marquis works had an article praising to the very heaven a young 29 year old German investor.The Tribune said this investor was “very much in love with the Bahmas.”This investor was civic minded to the extent of offering a helicopter to the police.the name of the investor was CARLOS JOE LEHDER,and the then Prime Minister Lynden Pindling who refused this gift.The Tribune at this time had glowing,sweet and endearing words about Joe lets say at this time Kendal Isaacs was lehder’s lawyer and The Tribune seemed to be his “PR”agent.This leads me to ask the question did mr.Isaacs and The Tribune receive any monetary compensation from mr.Lehder? The next question is did mr.Lehder give any cash donation to the FNM?We all know mr.Isaacs loved his party and they needed and wanted donations for the next election.Perhaps mr.Marquis can tell us what caused the LOVE AFFAIR between The Tribune and mr.Lehder to sour.Was the Tribune aware of mr.Lehder’s character before he purchased Norman’s Cay?I Will stop here for the time being until mr.Marquis answer these questions and my previous questions but i want him to know that some Bahamians major in history.

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