Arawak Homes Broke the House Down and Hubert Took the Land – Peter isn’t any better than Paul

Arawak Home Owners now on BP stage.

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking down the home of young children is no sexy topic at all and therefore, the recent decisions by operators of Arawak Homes appear harsh to say the least.

Bahamians question the lack of mercy by the developers in the company’s exercise to reclaim land own by them. The families say they paid for the land the right way, via some nasty lawyer, who still to this day is invisible in the whole ordeal.

BP does not agree with the move by the developers who we believe had the right to take possession of the assets owned by them. Land scams are big business in the Bahamas, and this case is no different from the rest. Someone fraud papers and resold them to innocent hardworking Bahamians, the result, the poor is screwed over again!

If it were the land of this writer we too would fight vigorously to take possession of our land. And we believe an eviction notice granted by the court would have proven to the tenants how serious we were.

Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham

This topic has forced BP to comb papers and look deeper into some documents following Hubert Ingraham’s rant in the Parliament over the PLP Chairman’s muzzle on the Party on the issue.

Ingraham could be heard cussing the PLP, rebuking the devil and telling them to stand up on the matter.

Ingraham right ear is not only deaf but his memory must be clogged when we look into his actions taken against landowners in that same area following his 1992 election win.

Readers should note Ingraham is the very man who took some $75 million worth of land from poor Bahamians in that same area of Nassau to build the Charles Saunders Highway. Ingraham not only took the people land, but he refused to follow the law and compensate the owners their far market value for their assets.

Readers should remember, scores of landowners were kicked off their land during that land grab by Prime Minister and to this very day they are yet compensated; THAT IS WHAT HUBERT INGRAHAM DID TO BAHAMIANS!

Former Prime Minister, Perry Christie, made attempts following his accession to office to have settlement with the landowners in the Supreme Court, but as Ingraham returned to office the matter is stalled again. Some of the landowners have died and to this day have not received a dime from the government.

Bahamas Press can also confirm Arawak Homes list of prominent shareholders includes “Green Pines Ltd.” whose beneficial share are held by the Hon. Orville Turnquest and his children, which includes the Hon. Tommy Turnquest Minister of National Security.

Hubert Ingraham has no interest in knowing what the Turnquest family owns nor did he identify Tommy Turnquest in his rant in the Parliament. We wonder why would Hubert speak to the Chairman of the PLP about the issue when right at his side, sitting just a few seats to his left in the Parliament was an owner of Arawak Homes? Was Hubert making a second stab in Tommy’s sore back?

So what’s the point? Arawak Homes is breaking down structures built on their land, Ingraham took Bahamians land and the Minister of National Security is sitting like a church mouse saying not a damn word on the matter. So there ya have it folks!



  1. What does Mr. Christie have to roll around in the mud with Mr. Indraham for? Let him make a fool of himself trying to make this Arawak Homes situation Political all by himself. Mr. Roberts nor Mr. Wilson are in the Parliment, therefore ask them our questions outside of that place. Inside Parliment speak about how you and your government are going to end the suffering of the Bahamian people. Speak about how under your administration the suicide rate is at an all time high. Speak about how we as Bahamians are having to sit at the back of the bus while everyone else who come here on a boat or a plane sits at the front. And all of you mouth pieces for the Prime Minister and this government try not to get so upset at persons that disagree with you all and focus on the facts. This government is in the drivers seat not Mr Christie, Do Your Job!

  2. Sometime it is better to say nothing that to carry on stupid like a jack ass as the P.M. has done. The person he should have asked about this incident is Tommy Turnquest. His father owns a company associated with the Sunshine Boys.
    The PM should have extended a olive leaf to the people effected and the rightful owners of all that parcel of land as he has done with the people of bozine town.
    I had out of town guess with me when our leader was acking like a jack ass. How do you think i felt?

  3. What they need to demolish is those shanti towns scattered all over in Nassau and leave those people who actually pay for their homes alone. That’s what they need to do.

      • Who tell ya some of the people who house getting knock down now ain’t former Shanti Town residents? Many we are told went to NO BANK and hired no Lawyer. They just used on developer lawyer who defrauded the Court.


        • I waited for a few weeks to add my five cent to this matter,I also have a family member who land was giving over to two homes on this one lot.This particular family is a senior citizen,and I only hope they will find resolve to this,though my doubts are minimal,as this will now involve “two” unsuspected home owners.Yes, this matter is involved Arawak Homes,and was known of almost a decade ago,so I am here in short order to say,I do not feel safe,neither sorry for some of these people, I now know of fact that a lot of them was giving notice of pending Court Actions involving these land,and at some giving time,those involved should of either stop,review,or cancel their actions going forward,and seek further legal actions.But, I do blame the people some,each five years when politics come on stream, we vote either the same nasty parties back in power,with each on board this land owners, who in the first place I suspect was thiefing the land from under the poor folks.I have contempt for both major political parties,and pray steadfast for Ingraham/Christie political demise,and all the slackers,get rich quick backers,they are the real albatross.

  4. BP my question now is waht will happen to the lawyers who dealt with this transaction, and if the banks was the loss payee why wasn’t due diligence done with the title search and conveyance. As a young land owner I am almost terrified to think that after going through all that just to qualify for a loan at the bank, saved and sacrificed just to own a piece of the rock that someone can come and take my land just like that without anyone being held accountable.Where does the bucks stop….Lawyers, Banks …..where?????

  5. Is BP seriously talking about political right and wrong while people’s children are standing out in the rain on top of the rubble that used to be their homes? This all justified by an injunction from a crooked judge?

  6. All these people who calling Mr. Christie weak cause he don’t carry on bad and act like a bully need to know that aint his style. Every man has his own style and way of doing things. A lot of Bahamians are so damaged that if you aint cussing and carring on bad or trying to bully people something wrong with ya. no wonder these youths so violent, they get it from their parents.

  7. We report and yinner decide! BP holds no sides. But when you see the tribune start reporting on Bell Cay, then we will discuss Frankie.


    • So basically once you PLP you can do no wrong in the eyes of BP??
      Stand up BP! Stand up! LOL LOL
      Now seriously, the sad and ironic thing about this is many of those people homes if not most who Frankie threatening to bulldoze probably voted PLP in the last election.

  8. I aint hear a dam soul saying who they buy these property from and which lawyer they use. I have a neice who bought some property up in there, Arawak homes told her 4 or 5 years ago they own the property, now you know who she going after for her money the business man who sold it to her. This man also has property and business up in there, He even has a daughter who is an attorney. Everyone knows at one point and time there were certain attorneys making up false papers for land up in there. The press will soon know the name of this particular man and the Jamaican woman that was selling property in pinewood and Nassau Village. These People need to call the Names of the Attornies who did the paperwork.Let them step forward and say the Title to these land was free and clear.

  9. Oh yeah and why BP gone silent on how the PLP managment of GEMS canned Lincoln, because he dare to say something that was critical of AH, wonder why???
    When he was calling Tommy T and Neko Grant a Donkey, or exposed inefficient foreign affairs website, ain’t nothing happen to him??
    Criticize Arawak Homes (aka PLP fundraising central) he get fired
    BP, when you gone speak up???

  10. oh BP go for yourself, earn your stipend from the PLP’s purse.

    Money in sight and anything or everything they do to poor folk is alright.

    I see BP has kicked into the mode of it’s political rag ” The Black Belt “…….

    well we call on BP to stand up and put the belt on those responsible for using the might of their empire to crush the small, struggling Bahamian people.

    you don’t have to cloud the issue and bring Hubert Ingraham into it. thats a whole other story, we’ll have time to put the belt on him.

    But I encourage you, to borrow some of Lincoln Bain’s ting-um and speak out against the eveil that is happenning against the Bahammian people.

  11. nave you all notice that where ever a new road is built look to the left and the right there will be a “no trespassing sign arawak home” i guess if u build a bridge betwwen nassau and andros the same sign will be on both side of the bridge. dont get emotional how come they gat all this land free and clear and have the greed to take from the poor church and people.its a shame and disgrace seriously.

  12. I say Peter, Christie is weak. that’s not NEW! But look what Hubert is attempting to do? Hubert Ingraham is not sanitized form this situation either!

    Charles Saunders Highways was built and scores of Bahamians land was taken away by that INEPT WUTLESS DUTTY GOVERNMENT! Including my family land! They were never paid fair market value for their asset. FACT IS THEY WERE NEVER PAID! And the DAMN INGRAHAM WANT TALK ABOUT breaking down house?



    • Is this not just another case of “lawless behaviour” and a “lawless mentality” on the part of bahamians? and I am not referring to Arawak Homes, I am actually referring to the “squatters” who clearly understood that there were legitimate questions surrounding the true ownership of the land and the fact that it was in the courts and they still decided to build their home…over the 7 or 8 years there were rulings that indicated that they were not the rightful owners and I must assume the court order for their removal was made clear to them. And they still built (its the ” buh I ain checking” attitude).

      What I would like to see is proper and responsible reporting of the entire situation…not the empty silliness that has surrounded this tragic situation…the filings and court orders are there for all to see…go and properly do journalistic work. Report to the people what you have found. Lay out the trail of the story and show where this all started. Who are the crooked lawyers involved in this? How far back does this extend? Who else could be subject to this sort of action? Which Bahamian families after realizing that they were not holders of legitimate papers actually paid Arawak Homes — why did they?

  13. Not that I agree with whatever FRANKLIN WILSON DID WAS CORRECT but I feel whatever the Party Chairman does with his personal financial affairs, it is NOT the Progressive Liberal Party’s to intervene as long as there is no conflict of interests and there was a LEGAL document stating that he owned the land. Ingraham has no right to BLAST the PLP in the House of Assembly on that matter when they suppose to be discussing OTHER MATTERS…something like THE STATE OF OUR ECONOMY! The courts had spoken….the people had to go. Now I am disappointed that Franklin would proceed in that fashion and I feel he should PAY some financial settlement for the destruction of the home due to the fact that THERE WAS NO POLICE PRESENCE during the tearing down of the home. HE BROKE THE LAW!

  14. Perry Christie is again displaying WEAK Leadership skills. WEAK Leadership equal WEAK Administration. We will not DARE put him to be LEADER of the BAHAMAS Again. OMG Hubert needs to call him out even more and he is “MUM” on this issue TOTALLY MUM and he is to WEAK to stand up to Big Bad Brad Point Blank!

    • I remember as a kid when the airplanes used to fly in the sky with the signs attached to the tail encouraging people to purchase land in Pinewood Gardens. Yes folks, alot of what is now the highway was purchased years ago by independent purchasers. I know because I grew up in Nassau Village in the “backfield”. That area of the highway was my coco-plum and guana berry stomping grounds. Pitiful for the Government to acquire land so barbarish. It’s called “eminent domain”, “Pay the people!”

  15. I agree with Tones!
    Perry Christie too weak, mentally and morally, that’s why the PLP lost the election. He kept letting Hubert ‘goosy’ him into defending himself instead of talking about all the accomplishments the PLP made and their plans for the future. All you saw was a red face Christie trying to defend hisself. That’s what he doing in the Bahmar situation too, he can’t see beyond his own ego and pride- he will certainly be the downfall of the PLP – I hope those true PLPs are taking note.

  16. How come lousy Perry Christie couldn’t say what you just said seeing that he should be privy to the facts of the land issue relative to Charles Saunders Highway and the matter involving the recently destroyed home and church in the area.
    You know what? As a person who has voted for both parties, I see why Ingraham does mash Perry up!!! Perry is too soft. Perry is soft intellectually and politically. Now sad to say, Perry is even soft morally. Why couldn’t he open his big mouth to publically plead with Snake Wilson for compassion towards poor property owners.

    Perry Christie is not fit to lead an opposition party in the next general elections!!!

    • Listen let’s look at the double talk coming from the JACKASS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER! You know how we feel about Christie, but look at Hubert! PAY THE PEOPLE FOR THEIR LAND YOU STOLE FROM THEM HUBERT!



  17. Now be real. Frankie Wilson holds the most shares and thus controls Arawak Homes, any other shareholders don’t make any serious decisions with regards to what the company does. If Frankie wanted to knock that house down and Orville Turnquest or Bismark Coakeley, for that matter didn’t want to knock it down, the house was going to get knock down, no how. That’s like saying because you hold Commonwealth Bank shares you are responsible when the management of the company decides to reposes someone’s furniture and car.

      • True. But the PLP is one who go around saying, they are the party of the poor, and the ordinary black man. According to PLP tribal thought, Tommy T is a rich boy, born with silver spoon in his mouth you would expect him to have done such a thing, but not anyone who supports the PLP, they are suppose to be the upholder and uplifter of the ordinary black man, at least that’s what they say.

    • Larry didn’t you hear the PM rant in the House about the chairman of the PLP? Is he not aware his minister and House Leader sitting right next to him is sitting at his side?

      But Ohhhh he decided to cuss the Chairman of the PLP. But if you read the story you would see the JACKASS of the HIGHEST ORDER [INGRAHAM] forgot his own land grab in that same community. Hubert Ingraham refused to pay $75 MILLION to the owners of the properties he stole in the area. NOT A DIME has been paid to those people. But he had the gall to talk you know what in the house?

      Boy I tell ya!


    • Larry so what if FRANKIE OWNS most of the shares. THAT IS NOT THE POINT! The PM proceeded to berate a former MP [The Chairman of the PLP] who no one know if he even has shares anymore in Arawak Homes, when his National Security Minister, who is a PART OWNER OF Arawak Homes sat right in the same side with him; AND MUMMMS THE WORD!

      Tommy said not a DAMN WORD and Hubert asked him not a word. If I was Christie I would have ask him to ask him Minister of National Security, who is the owner of Green Pines Limited, which is a MAJOR SHAREHOLDER in Arawak HOMES!

      MUMMMMS THE WORD! KILL THE DEVIL! listen the devil talking.


  18. We all can complain about what Arawak Homes did, but does anyone really want to believe what went on in this whole ordeal with the family’s home last week. I am not here to defend Arawak homes but people have to realize that Arawak Homes informed these people before they started their structure eight years ago not to build on it because it didn’t belong to them, but the went ahead and built on it anyway. If someone warns me of doing that and I know it is in the courts hands, why would I go and build on it anyway. Stupid huh? So can I feel sorry for them no. Furthermore I heard the lady on the News talking about applying for power to the home. BEC couldnot have hooked that home up to Arawak Homes power lines anyway, because they still belong to Arawak Homes.
    Bottom Line if it was my money,l would I have built the home Knowing the circumstances, NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Isn’t this AMAZING, hundreds of houses are either in decay and boared up or not completed and junk cars in yards and these power brokers demolish a home of a family ! Is it just me or is this normal ?

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