Archer delivers a major embarrassment to the Bahamas!

Drumeco Archer

FREEPORT| BAAAs President Drumeco Archer has left egg on the face of Grand Bahama and indeed the entire Bahamas as the NACAC Games got underway in Freeport.

Poor planning, with disastrous event execution have caused star athletes from the USA, Canada, and Jamaica to file a litany of complaints about the accomodations for there countries’ athletes. HOW WE GOT HERE?

BP is reporting the shamefully executed event is causing major embarrassment on the world stage; with complaints such as no water, to no hot water, no a/c malfunctioning generators, no operating elevators are all documented!

The Bahamas is known for its high-level global staged events; a reputation delivered to a new level by the Davis Government which just this week hosted The Regional Cop27 event. A worldclass event heralded as the best environmental event hosted event ever in the region!

How Archer and Sands allowed us to be dragged down to this new low must be seriously investigated!

Heads must roll as this does not speak well for the revival of Grand Bahama and comes at a time of sensitive negations for the sale of Grand Bahama Our Lucaya Resort!

Bad timing and a not so Grand experience for world class athletes proves there is still plenty work to be done on Grand Bahama!

How much funds did Archer spent on these NACAC arrangements? For this bad, poor promotion we ga say it again heads must roll; and roll quickly for this national embarrassment!

How yinner allowed a loser inside the FNM run this event in the first place!? What is dis?!

We report you decide!