COP Clayton Fernander attends the funeral of young Kenton Seymour

COP Clayton Fernander viewing the body of young Kenton Seymour.

NASSAU| On Saturday 20th August 2022, Our Decent Police Commissioner Mr. Clayton Fernander QPM, along with Assistant Commissioner Ken Taylor attended the funeral service of the late Mr. Kenton Seymour at First Baptist Church on Market Street. Also in attendance were Mr. Keith Bell, Member of Parliament for Carmichael and Minister of Labour and Immigration as well as Chief Superintendent Chaswell Hanna, Officer in Charge of the South-Central Division.

Young Seymour was headed for ice cream with his parents when two criminals were firing weapons at each other in the busy streets. A fatal bullet took the life of the child.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

📸: RBPF Public Affairs & Communications Department

Parents of young Kenton Seymour look on their son for the last at a funeral service today.