FNM in Minnis Motorcade on Carmichael today…BP


Not even the paid showed up for the flopped motorcade

NASSAU| So the FNM had a 10 car motocade today which left Carmichael Road from the Golden Gates Park.

Before the motorcade could get on Baillou Hill Road one “dingy” looking Japanese vehicle almost slammed into the back section of the 10 car motorcade. All I heard after dat was cuss words. “Carry yall blank blank blank… Lolol!

Well look here I almost dropped my items in laughter. Movie!

Then, screaming from across the streets I heard was one “fluffy” chocolete looking Bahamian woman from the bus, “Looka the thieves celebrating?!”

Mannnn look here I thought my time had come.

It aint easy being FNM around here!