Bahamas Press calls for a Forensic Audit to take place at COB as money vanishes like at NIB


Heads must roll and a criminal investigation opened – you cannot be practicing thievery in COB!!!

Students headed for registration in 2012. FILE PHOTO.

Leaders must get to the bottom of COB’s $12,000 inside robbery and account to the public!

COB Council Chair Alfred Sears - he must now take charge of COB and get to the bottom of the stealing of public funds.

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press is now calling on the powers that be, the Prime Minister, his Cabinet, the College Council, its President and the Commissioner of Police, to quickly arrest the serious and vexatious “CRIMINAL” developments now unfolding at the country’s leading tertiary institution: The College of the Bahamas.

Serious, and we stress, damnable revelations at COB has forced Bahamas Press to call for an immediate Forensic Audit of the College’s finances. We also call on the Parliament of the Bahamas and more specifically – the opposition -to immediately call for a Parliamentary Select Committee to investigate the serious and grave state of the handling of funds at  COB.

Earth shattering evidence shown to Bahamas Press confirms more than one month ago serious, we dare say criminal, breeches have occurred in the finance department of the school where thousands in public money have vanished, and, to this day, not one person has been arrested, not one report into the missing funds filed, the funds have yet to return and still, at this very hour, not one new protocol or any accounting changes have been instituted following the inside heist.

In wake of these findings by our explosive investigative team, BP is calling for the IMMEDIATE RESIGNATION OF THE VP FOR FINANCE AT COB, and a shakeup in the management of the business department at the College.

Here is the situation according to our investigations, which have led to our bombshell conclusions:

1)    Some $12,000 has vanished from a vault at the Business Office at COB more than one month ago.

2)    A staff member [Employee #1] that works in the Business Office that was given the combination for the safe was responsible for putting away the money collected from all cashiers on a daily basis. [These would be funds collected for fees, tuition payments and services paid into the College.]

3)    BP can confirm the assignment of the combination attached to the safe and the responsibility of placing funds therein to Employee #1 was given by the VP of Finance at COB.

4)    Unknown to Employee #1, combination access to the safe was also granted to a second employee [Employee #2], also by the VP of Finance. This individual, we can report, has since been terminated by COB with immediate effect following these developments for reasons allegedly undocumented on file.

5)    BP inside investigators also confirm that when EMPLOYEE #1 went to place money into the safe one afternoon, that employee also decided to make a final count of funds inside the safe and it was only then that it was discovered that there was money missing. UNBELIEVABLE!

6)    Employee #1 then filed a report to VP of Finance at COB who then questioned the reason to have the funds counted – but never forwarded any concerns to persons higher up the chain as to how collected funds placed into the safe were not secured therein and went missing.

COP Ellison Greenslade - should move into COB's Business Office and open a criminal investigation


These shocking revelations have forced BP to now put serious questions to the leaders of COB, who we know are trained in practicing established protocols in accounting.


1)    Why were two individuals with different responsibilities sharing the same access codes/combination to the safe?

2)    Why both employees accessing the safe did not share a split combination? [One knowing perhaps 3 digits and the other 3 digits with them both being present to open it together and account for deposits therein]?

3)    Why didn’t the VP of Finance advise the Employee #1 of the fact that the combination was given to another employee [Employee #2], particularly knowing the liability that goes with such accounting practices?

4)    Why were not all persons having access to the safe removed from the department to allow new protocol standards and procedures to mitigate future breeches within the department?

5)    When will COB’s leadership open a third-party investigation to examine what really happened in the Business Office of COB?

Dr. Hubert Minnis - Leader of the Official Opposition - should seek a Parliamentary Select Committee into missing funds at COB and question why nothing has been reported to police!

Now we have laid clearly our case for serious swift changes at COB. Here is the kicker: Apparently when access to the surveillance cameras were asked to be brought into account – the story given was that the footage captured was not available for the time the funds went missing. Now isn’t that something. This, therefore, opens a Pandora’s Box and now questions that at another department [THE IT DEPARTMENT] there is a nauseating cesspool of crooks at COB! How did the cameras go off – suspiciously at the same time money went missing?


Bahamas Press is calling for all parties involved in the running of COB to account to the People of the Bahamas! We join the concerns expressed by both the Student and Staff Unions for an immediate and frank accounting of what transpired in COB’s Business Office more than a month ago.

And we call on the Commissioner of Police to send his team of investigating officers and open a criminal investigation into the crime that has been committed within the walls of the Business Office at the nation’s premier tertiary institute.

My Goodness what a country – are we training the people children how to thief and not account at COB?

We report yinner decide!


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