Bahamas Press Celebrates Bob Marley 64th Birthday as reported by The Gleaner


bob-marley-one-loveTwenty-eight years after his death, the global message and impact of Bob Marley’s music remains as poignant as ever and, some would argue, even more relevant today.

This is revisited appropriately with the video One Love 2009 to celebrate Marley’s 64th birthday today.

The video, which can be viewed at, is a rendition of his 1977 hit of the same title. The song is performed by dozens of musicians from across the world, including Italy, Johannesburg and India. They capture the feel and meaning of the song uniquely, whether through voice or instrument. Nepalese Tara Bir Tuladhar injects a Mediterranean sound with his string instrument, while Congolese Rastafarian Mermans Kenkosenki performs with the passion of a seasoned Jamaican singer.

Playing for Change

The five-minute video also features American blues wunderkind Keb’ Mo and Spain’s Manu Chao playing with an incredible group of 35 artistes. One Love 2009 was produced by the global musical and multimedia movement Playing for Change, headed by creator Mark Johnson, the Los Angeles-based Grammy-winning producer and engineer. Playing for Change has also produced other global anthems in similar fashion, such as Don’t Worry Be Happy and Stand By Me.

The One Love 2009 video begins with a picture of a young Bob Marley and the statement: “It’s time for the world to unite as a human race” and illustrates the global impact of Marley’s music, as people of various races are seen singing his song of world unity.

“The global vision of Bob Marley lives on through the One Love video by Playing for Change,” said Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records.

Bob Marley’s 64th birthday will be celebrated today by millions around the globe through live performances, lectures, film festivals and the Internet.


  1. Agreed Tristan. There was just something about Bob and his music.

    “Dont worry, about a thing, cause every lil thing, is gonna be alright”

    -RIP Robert Nesta Marley

  2. For some strange reason, his music cannot die. It is still fresh like a new hit single. He was Great but his music will live on as one of the Greatest ever!!! RIP Bob Marley

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