TODAY @ 12Noon ON BAHAMAS PRESS!…"OHHH Andros, not MY Andros!


2636197757_93ffb6fcb2<<< Entertainer Elon Moxey, sings ‘Oh my Andros’ at a festival. (file photo)

Andros, Bahamas — Join Bahamas Press this TODAY at 12 noon for SHOCKING developments from the ‘BIG YARD’! PEDOPHILE RAPIST ON NORTH ANDROS HIGH SCHOOL CAMPUS! PART I

Oh My Andros – Elon Moxey


  1. Good morning every one and good morning Kim Sands and Riona7.BP let the truth be told and let the chips fall where they may.Once there is evidence call and shame the BEAST.

  2. BP down in Andros…….. Boy, I can’t wait to hear what yall find out down there. I know some people must be shaking in their boots right now.

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