Bahamas Press rejects the comments by Robert Sandy Sands from Baha Mar!


ROBERT Sandy Sands suggests Bahamians are not disciplined enough to gamble?

What do you mean Bahamians are not disciplined enough?

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press repudiate the comments made by VP at Bahmar Robert Sandy Sands against Bahamians this week.

In his comments posted in the Tribune, Sands suggested that Bahamians are “not disciplined enough” to use casinos. Now wait!

We are not disciplined enough?

We can’t learn the game?

We cannot work at the high levels of a hotel? We cannot run a hotel? We can’t…we can’t…we can’t?

Well, Craig Flowers was wise enough to build the most modern-day empire with greater success than any foreigner who has come to this country. We wonder if Sands is aware of this?

On Grand Bahama the foreign casino owners could not keep their casinos open because of the loss of money, but Flowers boast the opposite. Everywhere we turn, we keep hearing this same chorus – first echoed by the FNM – Bahamians need not apply! Bahamians Can’t!


How can I be responsible enough to eat in your hotel? Responsible enough to sleep in your hotel and cannot be responsible enough to gamble in your hotel?

WE survived the slave trade, didn’t we? We are owners and leaders, aren’t we? We have risen to the high office of Presidents and Prime Ministers, didn’t we?

We have invented medicine, created songs, written poetry and led the way on the battlefield when scientific accounts said we were an inferior people!

We have designed buildings, haven’t we? We are creating solutions for World Peace, aren’t we? So why can’t we own the casinos and GAMBLE?

Bahamas Press cries ‘dutty’ shame on Robert Sandy Sands for his dastardly asinine commentary in the pages of the ‘terlet’ paper! You have disparaged and diminished the abilities of your own fellow Bahamian! How WICKED!!!!

There is nothing inferior about a Bahamian! And there is no other citizen in the world that has any ability over us! What kind of JACKASS commentary is this that you express in the Tribune?

We are not skilled enough? Trained enough? Tamed enough? Disciplined ENOUGH?

We are all human beings of the world with varied abilities and we, the Bahamian, can be and do any thing just as well, as competently, as skillfully and as well-trained as anyone else in the world.

Man, I just feel like walking in the Casino today and getting arrested after reading that statement from Sandy Sands – a BAHAMIAN!?

Yeah, some people in the hotel have “Sticky Fingers” – they still working there right?

We report yinner decide!